Perfect Age for Plastic Surgery Is 52, New Survey Reveals

Thinking of a little nip tuck? A new survey reveals the perfect age for plastic surgery is 52 years, 41 weeks and four days.

That’s right. Not only are more and more women considering plastic surgery — 1 in 3, in fact — the average woman now thinks 52 is the ideal age for cosmetic procedures ranging from face lifts to eye lifts, Botox and tummy tucks.

In a survey conducted by London’s beauty and health retailer, Superdrug, 3,000 women aged 40 to 65 were found to be increasingly image conscious when asked about their willingness to undergo plastic surgery.

Some of their responses included:

– If money were no object, a fifth of women would get a face lift.

– 25 percent would opt for an eye lift.

– 29 percent would get a tummy tuck.

And even among those who wouldn’t undergo the knife, 29 percent would choose Botox or chemical peels.

On the shocking side, it seems that many women favor looks over money: Almost 29 percent would rather look 20 years younger than be a millionaire. And when asked who the perfect aging role model is, the overwhelming choice was Twiggy.

Dr. Darren McKeown, a London-based cosmetic doctor told the Daily Mail that the popularity of certain treatments is not only celebrity driven, but career driven as well.

“When you’ve been in a company for a long time and have younger colleagues snapping at your heels the last thing you want to do is look tired. The average age of my client is in their forties.”

Plastic surgery is not the only way women over 40 are fighting the aging process. Men and women over 50 are now ten times more likely to use fake tanning lotion or tanning beds and 14 times more likely to use anti-wrinkle cream. And 15 percent of women over 50 admit to still wearing padded bras (five times as many as their mothers at the same age).

Why all the fuss to look younger? Sixty-two percent believe they are more likely to be judged on their appearance than previous generations.

by Deborah Dunham

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