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Nose Job Surgery from Start to Finish

Nose Job Surgery from Start to Finish

Top Troy, MI area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of men and women get the nose they have always dreamed of with nose job surgery. In this article he explains the nose job (“rhinoplasty”) surgical process from start to finish.

Anesthetic Used for Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty will be performed under either a local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the complexity of your surgery and the preference of your surgeon.

A local anesthesia with sedation is usually used in an outpatient setting. Your doctor injects a pain-numbing medication into your nasal tissues, and sedates you with medication that is injected intravenously. You will be groggy, but may not be fully asleep.

If your surgery is more extensive, Dr. Ali may elect to place you under a general anesthetic. The anesthetic is generally given intravenously, and will affect your entire body. You will be unconscious during the surgery, and may be given a breathing tube.

Types of Nose Job Surgery

Nose jobs can be done in one of two ways: using either an “open” surgical procedure, or a “closed” surgical procedure. Both of these methods involve an incision made inside the nostril.

In addition to the internal incision, the open rhinoplasty approach adds an additional, small incision on the undersurface of the tissue that divides the nostrils. The skin of the nose is then “undraped,” or peeled back to expose the inner structures of the nose. This method allows the surgeon to do major changes to the nose more readily when major reconstruction is necessary. It is usually preferred if your nose has been previously operated on, or if it has a more difficult anatomy. There will be a slight yet permanent scar in an open rhinoplasty.

With closed rhinoplasty, on the other hand, all of the incisions are made inside the nose, which means there are no external cuts and no risk of scarring. The nose is shaped and sculpted through these internal incisions and is therefore only suitable for more subtle changes.

The Nose Job Surgery

During the operation, the surgeon will reshape the inner bone and cartilage to produce the results you and he have discussed. For small changes, he may use cartilage taken from deeper inside your nose or from your ear. For larger changes, cartilage may be taken from a rib or bone from another part of your body.

If the septum (wall) between the nostrils is bent or crooked (deviated), Dr. Ali will also perform the necessary alterations to improve your ability to breathe.

After the desired changes have been made, Dr. Ali places the nose’s skin and tissue back where they belong, and stitches them in place. He will place a splint to your nose for protection and support, and will place internal dressings inside your nose that will remain in place for a few days after the surgery.

After the surgery, you will be taken to the recovery room, where you will be monitored carefully until you have fully awakened. Nose jobs surgery is almost always done on an outpatient basis, which means there is no overnight stay.

Top Nose Job Surgery – Troy, MI Area

Even small changes to your nose can make a large difference in how your nose looks, how it works, and how you feel about your overall appearance. Dr. Ali is committed to working closely with you from start to finish to get the results that both of you will be satisfied with.

When planning your nose job, Dr. Ali can evaluate your other facial features and tell you how any changes to your nose could enhance or affect your overall appearance. He will then work with you to customize a surgical plan that will best meet your appearance goals.

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