More Doctors Working to Raise Awareness of Breast Reconstruction

In response to the ASPS initiative to raise awareness of the availability of breast reconstruction to breast cancer mastectomy patients, many doctors, hospitals and specialists are insuring that women are aware of their options.

While a 1998 federal law mandates all women who have had a mastectomy be provided universal coverage for breast reconstruction, many women remain unaware that reconstruction is available as an option. In 2010, New York state introduced legislation requiring that hospitals inform breast cancer patients about their reconstructive rights and options. However, there are many women who underwent a mastectomy prior to that law who remain unaware.

At the Comprehensive Breast Center of Baystate Medical Center in Massachusetts, specialists and physicians collaborate to insure patients are aware of the availability of breast reconstruction.

These are wonderful examples of medical professionals being proactive in raising awareness of patients’ rights and options. While there is more work to be done, it is encouraging to see the industry responding to this challenge and truly making a difference.

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