Mommy Makeover FAQs (Part 2)

Mommy Makeover FAQs (Part 2)


What Does a Mommy Makeover Cost?

Because every Mom’s post-pregnancy body concerns are different, everybody’s cost will vary somewhat. At our Detroit area cosmetic surgery practice, we customize a Mommy Makeover to include the exact procedures you need to get a body that looks as great (or even better!) than it did before pregnancy.

So, for example, the cost for a woman who only needs a breast lift (or only wants breast implants) will be less than the cost for a woman who needs breast implants plus a breast lift. Similarly, the cost will be lower if a woman only requires a “mini tummy tuck” – rather than a full tummy tuck to repair separated abdominal muscles.

However, in every case, “bundling” multiple cosmetic procedures into a single “Mommy Makeover” will save you a great deal of money (and time!) over scheduling each procedure separately on different days.

Call our office to schedule a Mommy Makeover Consultation, and we will help you decide which procedures are right for you and for your budget. We also offer several easy financing options to help you get the Mommy Makeover you want now, instead of later.

When Should I Get a Mommy Makeover?

In most cases, it is recommended that a woman wait until she is finished having children before undergoing a complete Mommy Makeover.

While liposuction and breast implant surgery can certainly be performed before (or between) pregnancy, the effects of pregnancy and nursing will continue to take their toll on the breasts and abdomen after subsequent children.

So a breast lift and tummy tuck are best scheduled after a woman is finished bearing children and nursing – and at least six months after the final time you give birth and stop nursing.

It takes the body at least six months to heal the deep tissues in the abdomen that are stretched while carrying a child. Also, after six months, the pregnancy hormones that soften the tissue should no longer be in your system. So the tummy tissue will hold together better – and heal more efficiently – by waiting at least six months.

Typically, a tummy tuck incision made in the lower abdomen can remove stretch marks as well as C-section scars – which is another good reason to wait until after childbearing to get a Mommy Makeover!

How long before I can see Mommy Makeover results?

Mommy Makeover results are apparent immediately, and continue to improve over several weeks, as swelling decreases and incisions heal. Breast lift, breast implants, tummy tucks and liposuction results are all immediate – and our patients typically say they have the best breasts and abdomen they have ever had right after surgery.


Mommy Makeover – Birmingham, MI

Busy mothers love a Mommy Makeover, because it’s “one and done” – and the recovery time for multiple procedures is condensed into one single timeframe. With a Mommy Makeover at Birmingham, MI AMAE Plastic Surgery you CAN “have it all” with just a single appointment!

If you are a Mommy – or any woman – who would like to experience a “new you” call today to schedule a  Birmingham, MI Mommy Makeover Consultation.

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