Men’s Facial Fillers for a More Masculine Face

Men’s Injectables: a More Masculine Face, Chin, Nose & Jaw

For decades, injectable facial fillers have been most associated with women for plumping lips and smoothing wrinkles. But as filler technology has evolved, more men than ever are getting injections to achieve sharper cheekbones and a more defined “masculine” jaw.

The first generation of facial fillers first came into use in the 1980s. Made from actual bovine (cow) collagen, early fillers offered a crude way to fill wrinkles – but they didn’t do much but add volume to the face. But over the last several years, more advanced facial filler technology and has given doctors the tools to plump as well as reshape the face.  Facial fillers can now be used to straighten out a brow, smooth a nose, define cheekbones, and strengthen a jawline or boost a receding chin.

The Stigma is Gone for Men’s Facial Fillers

Thankfully, there is now less judgement in society surrounding men getting cosmetic procedures such as facial fillers. While the percentage of male patients getting facial fillers varies from state to state, most plastic surgeons and aesthetic physicians in metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, New York and Detroit report that about 20% of their dermal filler patients are now men.

According the American Society of Plastic Surgery, in 2020 alone 118,614 men received soft tissue fillers. And, thanks to the proliferation of Zoom meeting and social media usage, men now have even more reason than ever consider facial fillers.

A recent article by The Smithsonian reported that men who are perceived as “handsome” make on average 13 percent more during their career than men considered less attractive in the same position.  That article also went on to say that quarterbacks considered “hot” earn 12 percent more than so-called “homely” quarterbacks. That article further noted that studies have revealed attractive people are also more likely to be hired.

What is a “Masculine” Face?

Compared to feminine looking faces, a face considered classically masculine will have more prominent and angular facial features. While genetics influence the way a man’s facial bone structure develops, testosterone is the primary reason behind masculine facial features.

Some of the more obvious facial features commonly considered masculine include a prominent or “strong” chin and a square jawline with a more pronounced definition at the “gonial angle” (the angle of the jaw next to the earlobe). And, masculine cheeks usually have a sharper, angular appearance than a woman’s soft “apples”.

But the forehead makes up 35% to 40% of the surface area of the face – so it can also play an important role in how masculine a man’s face is. A prominent supraorbital ridge (bone under the eyebrows) with straighter eyebrows is also manly.

Finally, a stronger nose that is straight or with a dorsal hump (‘bump’ on the bridge) is considered more masculine than a small nose that curves upward at the tip.

Men’s Facial Fillers for a Masculine Appearance

Recent research has shown that more than 50% of men would like to reshape their chin and jawline.

The Juvéderm family of facial fillers has advanced formulas that are a great choice for men seeking a stronger, more pronounced chin.

Juvéderm aw fillers are a thicker consistency of dermal gel that can be used not just to “fill” but to shape and contour the jawline. In addition to increasing definition in the jaw line, men’s facial fillers can decrease the appearance of sagging skin, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Kybella injections can also be used to permanently “dissolve” and eliminate fat cells in the double chin. Typical male Kybella patients see a 50% reduction in ‘double chin’ fat after just two sessions, and 70% reduction after four treatments – typically spaced one month apart.

Dermal fillers can also be used to shape and contour a man’s brow or nose – without surgery and with no downtime – to enhance his masculine appearance.

Men’s Facial Fillers – Troy, MI Area

If you are a man in the greater Troy, MI area who would like to improve the proportions and angles of your face to look more masculine, facial fillers may be the solution you need!

Schedule a discreet and confidential consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali at AMAE Med Spa in Birmingham, MI and he will show you what dermal fillers can do for your face, jaw, nose or chin – for a younger, better looking, more masculine looking you!

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