Why Hormone Replacement Pellets Are The Ideal Delivery System

Why Pellets Are The Ideal Hormone Replacement Delivery System –  –

Many patients are aware of the many benefits of hormone treatments. Re-balancing depleted or imbalanced hormone levels can help treat many conditions in women and men: from menopause, to low testosterone, reduced sex drive, osteoporosis, mood swings, painful sex and much, much more.

But men and women who have tried traditional non-pellet methods of hormone replacement – including creams, pills, rings, injections and patches – have discovered that their hormone treatment also caused some unwanted side effects.

However, using time-released, under-the-skin pellets to deliver replacement hormones can reduce or even eliminate the side effects of hormone replacement therapy. Hormone Replacement pellets also offer better and more consistent symptom relief than hormones delivered by oral pills or topical creams.

In this article the Hormone Replacement experts at AMAE Plastic Surgery in the Troy, MI area explain why Hormone Replacement pellets are superior to other non-pellet hormone delivery methods.

Hormone Replacement Pellets Deliver the Right Dose

Hormone creams, pills and patches all deliver inconsistent amounts of hormones.  If you take your pill or apply your cream in the morning, you get a sudden large dose of hormones – which then wears off over the rest of the day. This creates a roller coaster of hormones in your body every day!

Pellets, however, deliver a steady, consistent measured dose of the hormones your body needs. This keeps your hormone levels stable at all times – which avoids the “ups and downs” of pills and creams that can cause unwanted side-effects.  Pellets are the only hormone delivery system that provides steady hormone levels over time.

Hormone Replacement Pellets Mimic the Body

Pills and creams unnaturally release hormones into the body in a way that is different from how the body’s natural hormones are released. Pills deliver a large and sudden dose of hormones into the stomach – and creams deliver hormones from the outside through the skin.

However, pellets deliver hormones the way your body does – gradually and consistently over time from within the body. In fact, hormone replacement pellets are the only form of delivery that mirrors the way human ovaries release hormones in women, and testicles release hormones in men.

Hormone pellets provide steady, around-the-clock, low dosages of hormones just like the body does. Pellets even deliver more hormones when the body needs them – such as during exercise or stress – and less when the body doesn’t need as much!

Hormone Replacement Pellets are Convenient

Hormone replacement pills require you to remember to take a pill every day (or multiple times a day). And hormone creams are messy and no-fun to apply – and can interfere with sexual activity and enjoyment. Hormone patches are not only visible and unsightly, but patients also have to worry about the patch falling off – and patches have to be replaced weekly (sometimes according to a complicated on-again off again schedule).

And anything that makes a medical treatment inconvenient also makes it less likely to be effective!

But hormone pellets are “one and done” in a simple, quick office procedure! Once the customized hormone pellet is inserted by Dr. Ali under the skin, it continues to consistently deliver hormones for up to 5 months in women, and up to six months in men.

With hormone pellets, there is no pill to remember, no gooey cream to apply and no ugly patch to fall off and replace weekly!

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