Getting Used to Your New Breast Implants

Getting Used to Your New Breast Implants

In this article, top Macomb County breast enhancement surgeon Dr. Ali explains what to expect as you get used to your new breast implants.

Breast Implant Movement

After undergoing breast implant surgery, there are numerous things to consider regarding breast movement. One factor will be the type of breast implant you’ve selected, as will be the natural shape and size of your breasts. As they are soft and fluid, the majority of breast implants move naturally. However, on smaller breast implants or on breast implants underneath tighter skin, in most cases the implants remain slightly firmer and move less than larger breasts do.

Breast Implant Position

For a brief period of time after your breast implant surgery, your breasts will most likely rest higher on your chest. After several weeks or so, will drop down to their desired position. The exact time it will take for your breast implants to drop depends on where your implants are placed, their size, your muscle tone, the surface type of your implants, and the size of your breasts before your surgery. Smoother breast implants drop more rapidly than textured breast implants, and regular massaging of your breasts is an excellent way to speed up the process after surgery!

One major factor influencing the speed with which your breast implants drop is their placement. Breast implants placed under the muscle will take longer to drop than breast implants placed above the muscle.

Also, if you began with smaller breasts and opted to significantly increase your size, the tightness of your skin may result in it taking slightly longer for your breasts to drop. You may even experience one breast dropping prior to the other! While this varies from case to case, don’t worry if one breast drops before the other.

Following your breast augmentation surgery, you can speed up the dropping process by massaging your breasts. Additionally, you can help push down your breast implants by wearing a wide elastic band around the top of your chest. At the absolute longest, it can take about six to nine months for your breast implants to drop, but most breast implants drop within a period of several weeks.

Breast Implant Appearance

After undergoing breast implant surgery, it is perfectly normal for your breasts to appear slightly shiny or for you skin to experience some redness. Since your skin has been stretched out to allow room for your breast implants, you may experience a sensation comparable to a mild sunburn. This is perfectly normal, and is simply an element of the healing process. Board Certified Breast Implant Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ali will work with you select your best options for treating your skin and expediting the healing process (one affective and popular choice is massaging your breasts with shea butter moisturizers.)

In addition to slight redness, your skin may take on a slightly shiny appearance following your breast implant surgery. This results from your skin being stretched, and as you skin continues to heal, the shininess will fade.

Breast Implant Softness

There are a number of factors that play into how long it takes for your breast implants to soften up. This includes your type of implant filler, the surface type of your breast implant, your breast implant’s placement, the tone of your muscle, and the fullness of your breast implant.

In the brief period immediately following your breast implant surgery, your implants will remain relatively firm. Generally, saline implants are firmer than silicone implants, and textured implants feel firmer than smoother ones.

During your consultation with Macomb County board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali, he will explain in detail when to expect your breasts to move, drop and soften after your surgery.

Macomb County Breast Implant Surgeon

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