Face Lifts: About Thread Lifts & Lifestyle Lifts

Face Lifts: Beware of Lunchtime Lift, Lifestyle Lift, Thread Lift & Feather Lift

In our previous article we discussed the primary facelift techniques performed by reputable Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. However, many men and women are still curious about facelift techniques they may have heard about on TV, online or in commercials or late-night infomercials – such as “Lifestyle Lift” or “Thread Lifts.”

Most of these fly-by-night, trendy procedures are not performed – and not recommended – by experienced and reputable board certified plastic surgeons. Though advertised as “fast and easy” with minimal downtime, these procedures have many limitations, offer poor results, and any temporary cosmetic benefits do not last very long.

Face Lifts: Thread Lift and Feather Lift

The thread lift, or feather lift, generated a lot of advertising and media buzz a few years ago. Who wouldn’t want a tighter, more youthful appearance with just a few stitches and very little downtime? But, as with most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The thread lift was touted as being able to lift sagging facial skin without invasive surgery. Tiny suture barbs (hooked stitches) were used to gather the skin layers and pull them upward, thereby tightening the skin. The barbs are attached to a thread that pulls the skin tight – and the stitches permanently stay in the skin following the procedure.

Think of it kind of like pulling your skin back using scotch tape! While it does initially create some tightness to the skin, it loosens vary rapidly.

There is no “nipping and tucking” – and no removal of excess skin. The procedure also has no effect on the SMAS layer below the skin, where the muscles used for smiling, frowning, and other facial expressions are.

A full face lift can last up to 10 years or longer – while many patients who have received Thread Lift or Feather Lift facelifts see their skin begin to loosen after just a few months.

Face Lifts: Lifestyle Lift

Lifestyle Lift claimed that their facelift offered the same results as more extensive face lifts, while being less invasive and offering rapid recovery times.  They used terms like “revolutionary procedure” to market their facelifts – but then were legally required to retract these claims because they had no evidence to back them up.

Lifestyle Lift was forced to cease its operations due to bankruptcy, as well as multiple malpractice suits – and being discovered having posted false patient reviews.

While Lifestyle Lift offered face lifts that were about a third lower in price than traditional facelifts – patients soon learned that “you get what you pay for.”  As a result these high volume and low price facelifts ended up requiring more expensive revision surgery down the line for many patients.

Face Lifts: The Bottom Line

Shopping for a facelift based on flashy commercials, low prices, or exaggerated marketing promises is always a bad idea. When you are considering surgical procedures – especially on your face – the only safe option is to discuss your preferences, goals and facelift options with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon.

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