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Detroit Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ali, Discusses the Increasing Popularity of Labiaplasty

Detroit, MI – From a young age, women are told that they should love every bit of themselves, including their most intimate of parts. Yet many women feel self-conscious about the appearance of their vaginas, or more specifically their labia. Labiaplasty, which reduces the appearance of the labia minora while rejuvenating the area, has increased by 39% in the last year alone according to the ASPS. That represents about 12,000 labiaplasty procedures since 2015.

Detroit-based plastic surgeon, Dr. M. Azhar Ali, has seen a strong upsurge in women requesting the labiaplasty procedure, especially those considering “mommy makeovers.”

“As plastic and cosmetic surgery becomes more mainstream and accepted, many women feel more comfortable discussing all areas of their body where they may not feel as confident. We used to see patients every seven or ten years for major procedures. Lately, however, I see some of my patients on an ongoing basis as they seek to rejuvenate various areas of their body, and Labiaplasty is a procedure that is being opted for in record numbers.”

What Does Labiaplasty Consist Of?

Labiaplasty (labial reduction) is a cosmetic surgery procedure for women who are unhappy with the size of their labia minora (inner lips). Women with larger labia minora frequently experience irritation, discomfort during exercise and personal hygiene problems. Some women even experience problems with sexual intercourse.

Even if a woman doesn’t experience any of the above problems, her oversized labia can still become a source of embarrassment when faced with the prospect of introducing her parts to a new sexual partner. Then there comes with the embarrassment of having the labia show when wearing snug shorts or swimsuits.

What Causes Enlarged Labia?

For many women, enlarged labia occurs at birth as a result of genetics. For others, the labia grows as the woman gets older. Childbirth can be another factor that contributes to prominent labia.

Whatever the reasons, labiaplasty can allow women to feel good about their intimate parts once more. The procedure makes the labia minora appear flush or even with the labia majora so that they’re more hidden. The woman can wear what she wants, exercise with complete abandon and feel good that she looks her best when becoming intimate between the sheets.

Important Factors to Consider

According to Dr. Ali, women who come to see him for labiaplasty wonder if they are allowed to choose the size of their labia. In cases like these, Dr. Ali states that proper education is extremely important.

During the initial consultation, I do my best to educate the patient about the procedure and the various options available. For labiaplasty, it is important to recognize not only the appearance of the labia but also the function. The labia protects the vaginal orifice when the thighs are spread, so it is important not to go too small when choosing the proper resizing of the labia minora,” Dr. Ali said.

Healing and Downtime

Depending upon the patient’s comfort level the surgery could be performed in the office under local anesthesia. Labiaplasty requires minimal downtime, with most patients returning to their daily routines within a week. Still, Dr. Ali recommends that women exercise caution when returning to their normal, busy lives. Strenuous activity and sexual intercourse should be avoided for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

While healing, the woman will be required to wear a pad similar to one worn during menstruation and some bed rest may be required. There may also be some bleeding and bruising, but those symptoms typically only last a few days.

“Labiaplasty and mommy makeovers, which seeks to restore women’s pre-pregnancy bodies, are becoming increasingly popular as women continue to feel more empowered and realize that they don’t have to live with any parts of themselves they may dislike,” Dr. Ali said.

He added, “For women who feel less-than-confident about their lady parts, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali today and let’s discuss options. It may only take one cosmetic procedure, or several as part of a mommy makeover package, to help a woman look and feel her best.”

To learn more about labiaplasty, a rapidly-growing field of cosmetic surgery, call or email Dr. Ali to schedule an appointment.

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