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Co2RE Laser for Acne Scar Removal – 

laser acne scar removal laser acne scar removal

The National Center for Biotechnology Information and U.S. National Library of Medicine, reports that 650 million people suffer from acne worldwide, making it the most common skin disease in the world. And, as if acne breakouts weren’t traumatic enough, unsightly acne scars are often left behind when inflamed skin erupts into pimples – leaving more than 40% of people who suffer from acne being left with acne scarring.
The good news is that a revolutionary new laser technology – now available at AMAE Plastic Surgery and Med Spa in the Troy, MI area virtually erases acne scars in a single treatment. The new CO2RE fractional laser is specifically designed to resurface skin and eliminate the pitting, discoloration and uneven skin texture of acne scars – faster, more effectively and with les downtime than older treatments.

What Causes Acne Scars

Smaller pimples tend to go away fairly quickly and heal without leaving any scars or marks on the skin. But larger acne pimples can cause breaks in the pores and follicle walls when they erupt. As a result, the body produces new collagen fibers during the healing process, to repair this skin damage. Because the new collagen is produced in irregular fashion to respond to the areas of skin injury, lumps, bumps and craters develop.

While most common on the face, acne scars can occur almost anywhere on the body – with the back being the second most prevalent area for acne scarring. Sadly, acne scars can undermine a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence and impact their social life, relationships and even their confidence in the work place.

New Laser Treatment for Acne Scar Removal

Most people with acne scars have tried endless skincare products, makeup concealers, and ablative procedure like microdermabrasion or chemical peels with limited success. While these treatments can temporarily resurface the top layer of the skin, but none of them fully “erase” deep acne scars.

But the new CO2RE fractional CO2 laser resurfaces the epidermis (top layer) and activates skin repair on a deep cellular level in the dermis (lower layer of skin). If you live in the troy, Mi area Dr. Ali will examine your skin and determine if you are a good candidate for this revolutionary new acne scar reduction procedure.

How CO2RE Laser Gets Rid of Acne Scars

Dr. Ali’s staff will prepare your skin before the treatment with a series of numbing injections. Next the CO2 laser is applied in small sections throughout the face. Because of the anesthetic, most patients do not feel a thing.

Some patients report a little sensation near the outer edges of the face like a snapping rubber band. But most patients only experience mild pressure. After the numbing wears off, patients may feel a sensation of heat on the face but it is not painful.

The Co2re laser technology removes the top layer of skin (epidermis) to reduce visible scarring  – but it also delivers deep laser energy into the dermis to regenerate the production new, healthy skin cells.

These fractional laser waves reach far below the surface of the skin, activating the body’s collagen production and cell renewal processes. As new collagen is produced it “fills” pits and craters – and, tightening & plumping skin, and “filling in” lines and wrinkles.

Advantages of CO2RE Acne Scars Removal

State-of-the-art CO2RE laser technology gives Dr. Ali strict control over the intensity, pattern, and depth of each treatment, allowing him to precisely pinpoint specific places where there are acne scar, while leaving other healthy areas of skin alone.

This means that each treatment only targets the areas of concern, while leaving healthy skin intact and untreated. This results in both a highly customized procedure without the collateral skin damage caused by other, less precise, lasers.

So, the CO2RE it not only is far gentler than other laser ablation treatments for acne scars that leave skin completely raw, it is also more effective.

Recovery & Results from CO2RE Acne Scar Removal

Patients’ skin will be tender and they should strictly stay indoors and out of all sun for a week. Instructions for moisturizes skin while healing will be provided.

During the first week of recovery there may be swelling, occasional mild bleeding and sloughing of the dead skin. As the swelling subsides, red skin becomes gradually more pink and less tender. Pinkness is good! It means that the skin is turning over new cells and recovering properly.

Depending on the depth of the scars, for most patients it’s very possible that one acne scar reduction treatment is all you need to achieve buttery smooth skin. This treatment has targeted those stubborn acne scars like nothing I’ve tried in the past. Patients with acne scars that are very deep may want to undergo CO2RE scar reduction a second time to remove any residual scars.

CO2RE Laser Acne Scar Removal – Troy, MI

Thanks to the new CO2RE Acne Laser Scar Removal treatment, you no longer have to live with the embarrassment of acne scars and discoloration – and you can finally have the clear, silky smooth skin you’ve wished for.

If you live in the Troy, MI area, schedule an appointment at AMAE today – and see if CO2RE Acne Laser Scar Removal is right for you!

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