Can Natural Eyelashes Be Made Longer or Thicker?

Have you ever caught yourself admiring someone’s beautiful eyelashes, thinking “I wish mine would grow like that?” or “How on Earth are they so long, yet so natural?”  If you answered yes, you are not alone!  When clients come into our office, they are often surprised to learn that there is an option, beyond eyelash extensions, that helps your lashes grow naturally over the course of time.  Dr. Ali is proud to offer the Latisse product to his clients.

So what is Latisse?  Latisse is a prescription formula that was created to address the condition hypotrichosis, which is short/inadequate eyelashes, which many of us suffer from.  The formula allows for the natural growth of eyelashes over the course of the 16 week cycle.  The lashes grow gradually during this time.  At the end of the cycle you will go in for a consultation to determine if further treatment is needed.

One of the benefits of Latisse is that the upkeep that is required with eyelash extensions is non-existent. That means no special oils, fills or behavior is required!  All that is required is a daily application and patience!  Many of our clients have seen exceptional results from Latisse and use it in conjunction with other services and products.

Contact Dr. Ali’s office to find out more about Latisse and our other fabulous beauty solutions!

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