Reasons for Considering Breast Revision Surgery

Reasons for Considering Breast Revision Surgery

Less than two percent of patients who have had a breast enhancement experience post complications, but in the weeks or years that follow the surgery, a sudden problem can be frightening and incredibly disappointing.

A second breast revision surgery poses a greater degree of difficulty than the original breast enhancement procedure because the surgeon is making corrections that require expertise developed over years of practice before being able to produce consistent results.

Dr. Ali is the expert surgeon to whom other physicians refer their breast revision surgery patients because of his superior expertise, high level of care and remarkable results for even the most challenging of cases. Dr. Ali is highly qualified to explain the top reasons for breast revision surgery.

Breast Revision Surgery for Implant Position

If the breast implant placement on the patient’s chest wall is incorrect it may result in the implant being too low or too high, too far apart or too close in proximity.

Breast Revision Surgery for Capsular Contracture

While less common today, breast implants performed several decades ago into the late 60’s may develop hardening of the breast or capsular contracture, which is the formation of contracted scar tissue surrounding the breast implant.

Breast Revision Surgery for Saline Implant Leak

Compared to silicone implants, saline breast implants have a much higher failure rate due to the older wall or shell of the implant lacking support strength to prevent the saline or salt water filled implant from folding in on itself.

Breast Revision Surgery for Silicone Implant Rupture

Compared to older types of silicone breast implants, the modern generation of memory or gummy silicone implants rarely rupture, but if one does the silicon typically stays in the breast pocket where it was originally seated.  A leaking silicone implant is hard to detect until the patient has a mammogram or MRI breast evaluation but even then, it’s incredibly rare for liquid silicone gel to migrate outside of the breast pocket and into the armpit.

Breast Revision Surgery for Breast Implant Rippling

Regardless of the shape, texture or silicone versus saline, all breast implants have some degree of rippling depending on the materials implanted. From high to low risk, the type of materials to consider include: Round Textured Saline implants which have the greatest risk of rippling, Teardrop Textured Saline with slightly less risk, Smooth Saline implants, then Textured Silicone and finally, Smooth Silicone implants that have minimal risk of rippling.

Other Reasons for Breast Revision Surgery

While less common, there are several other reasons that a patient may consider breast revision surgery such as post-surgery infection, misplaced or misaligned nipples, flagrant breast tissue sagging after a breast lift or reduction, or even adjusting the size of implants because the patient feels they are too big or too small.

Top Breast Revision Surgeon – Troy, MI

Dr. Ali has the skill, expertise and experience to fix almost any breast implant problem, including: implant rupture, asymmetry, capsular contracture, implant size change, and more. No matter what problems or issues you are having with your breast implants, board certified breast revision surgeon Dr. Ali will listen to your concerns and help you find the solution.

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