Types of Breast Implant Incisions

Best Types of Breast Implant Incisions

In addition to choosing the size, shape, material, and profile (height), and placement of your breast implants – the best type of incision must be considered.

Dr. Ali has performed thousands of breast implants, and he takes every step possible to create the most attractive breast shape with the very least amount of scarring. He will strategically place your incisions – while making them as small as possible – to achieve the desired result.

However, keep in mind that because breast implants are a surgery, no matter what technique is used, some degree of scarring is inevitable. Dr. Ali’s goal is to keep any incision as small as possible – but ultimately the most important decision about your incision size and location is creating the most beautiful breast shape.

Choosing the Right Breast Implant Incisions

Choosing the right incision is an important decision made by your breast augmentation surgeon, based upon many factors including the type and size of implant, the increase in size from your current breasts, the amount of available breast tissue, and whether the implant will be placed above or beneath the chest muscle.

Dr. Ali will carefully answer your questions and thoroughly explain your incision options during your consultation.

Breasts implant scarring typically fades considerably over time, however it never goes away completely. Most women feel that the “trade-off’ of having small scars is worth it, in order to achieve the breast look and feel that they desire.

Types of Breast Implant Incisions

1. Peri-Areolar Breast Implant Incision

The peri-areolar breast implant incision is sometimes called the “nipple incision”, because it is made right where the darker skin of the areola meets the lighter skin of the breast.  This is one of the most commonly used incisions in breast implant surgery.

Nipple incisions can be used in sub-glandular, sub-pectoral, or sub-muscular placement of the implant. (CLICK HERE to read more about breast implant placement.)

The scarring “outlines” the areola, blending-in with the natural change in flesh pigment.  And in the unlikely event of a complication or additional surgery, the implant can be inserted, removed, or adjusted through the same incision.

2. Inframammary Fold Breast Implant Incision

The inframammary fold breast implant incision is made in the crease under the breast. This allows the fullness of the breast to cover any scarring.  It is also a very common incision used for breast implants, and can be used for on allows for sub-glandular, sub-pectoral, or sub-muscular placement of the implant.

When increasing breast size considerably, however, the surgeon typically must create a new crease so that the nipple is centered on the new, larger breast. For this reason a skilled and experienced surgeon like Dr. Ali should be chosen, to ensure proper placement of the new crease.

3. Transaxillary Breast Implant Incision

Transaxillary breast implant incisions are made in the armpit – rather than the breast – to achieve no breast scarring at all. This is a much more complex and difficult incision that leaves only a tiny scar in the armpit that is virtually impossible to see.

Once the incision is made in the fold of the armpit, a channel is cut going down to the breast (see image below). The breast implant is inserted into the channel and worked downwards into position. Sometimes an endoscope (a small surgical camera on the end of a tube) will be used by the cosmetic surgeon during this procedure.

Positioning the breast properly from farther away makes placement more difficult. For this reason a skilled and experienced surgeon like Dr. Ali should be chosen, to ensure proper positioning of the breast.

The disadvantage to a transaxillary breast implant incision is that if a complication occurs requiring revision or removal, the surgeon will typically have to make a new nipple or crease incision. This is because it’s very rare that a transaxillary incision can be reused.
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