Choosing Your Breast Implant “Profile”

Breast Enhancement Surgery: Choosing a Breast Implant Profile

Choosing the right breast implant for your body is a highly personal decision. Every woman has a different ideal of beauty. Dr. Ali has helped thousands of women select the right breast implants, for a look and feel they love. He will take the time to consult with you and discuss your body type, your frame, your lifestyle and your end-goal – so you that achieve the perfect results.

Most women think of “cup size” when they think of breast implant size – but the “profile” or “projection” of the breast implant must also be chosen with care to achieve the results you desire. In this article we discuss some factors you related to choosing the right “profile” or height of your breast implants.

What Is Breast a Implant Profile?

If you’re considering breast enlargement surgery, selecting the right breast implant profile is perhaps even more crucial than “cup size” when considering your goals. The profile, or projection, is the height of the top of the breast implant from your chest.

The terminology varies slightly depending upon the breast implant manufacturer. But the amount of projection is typically referred to as:

  • Low Profile Breast Implants
  • Moderate Profile Breast Implants
  • Moderate Plus / Moderate High Profile Breast Implants
  • High Profile Breast Implants
  • Ultra High Profile Breast Implants

The higher the profile or depth/height of your implant, the more “projection” your breasts will have. Typically, lower profile implants result in a more natural appearance, while higher profile implants create a more dramatic enhancement.

Considerations in Choosing Breast Implant Profile

Dr. Ali will look at a number of factors when recommending the best “projection” for your breast implants, including:

• Your body frame

Generally, a woman with a smaller “frame” will require less projection to achieve dramatic or noticeable results,

• Amount of skin / tissue to cover the breast implant

Increasing breast size too significantly beyond your current size can result in too little “room” under which to place the breast implant. This can result in unnaturally shaped breasts.

• The desired “look” of your breast implants

Ultra-high profile breast implants are typically less “realistic” or “natural” looking than lower projection breast implants. Most women want a very natural look – but some women prefer a more “exaggerated” profile.

• Width of your breast area

A big factor in determining the right profile breast implant is the dimension / width of your natural breast tissue. A wider breast area will require a higher projection to achieve “cleavage”, while a narrower breast area may achieve the effect with less projection.

Difference Between High & Low Profile Breast Implants

High-profile breast implants typically produce more fullness in the upper breast. This is called “upper pole” fullness.  Very high-profile breast implants create a very noticeable change, and may be too large – or “enhanced looking” – for some women.

High-profile implants, however, may also be recommended for patients who are undergoing breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. They may also be the best solution for women who have very minimal breast tissue of their own, du to other reasons such as breast feeding or aging.

Lower profile breast implants typically produce more fullness in the lower breast – much like a natural breast. This is called “lower pole” fullness.  Lower profile implants are generally used by women who prefer a more subtle, “believable” enhancement.

Birmingham & Rochester Hills Top Breast Implant Surgeon

The bottom line is that there is no single “best” implant profile. However, there is an ideal profile for you depending on your frame size, anatomy, breast tissue, and appearance goals.

Dr. Ali will be happy to offer you a consultation to answer all of your questions, and help you select the profile that is perfect for you. He has helped hundreds of women in Rochester Hills, Troy, Detroit, West Bloomfield and across Oakland County achieve the look they love.

Feel beautiful inside and out, with breast implant surgery. And remember, financing options are also available.