How a Brazilian Butt Lift is Performed

The Brazilian Butt Lift Process – 

Bloomfield Hills area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of women get a firm, toned, shapely behind with Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery. In this article he explains the Brazilian Butt Lift process.

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Step #1. Brazilian Butt Lift Extraction

First, the patient’s body fat is sucked out of unwanted areas using a small tube by liposuction. Common locations to extract fat are the back (directly above the butt), the stomach area, the flanks or “love handles” and the thighs.

So, in addition to getting a rounder buttocks, the patient also receives the benefit of a smaller waist and/or thighs!

A fine thin cannula (tube) is used to remove the fat in order to get smooth even liposuction results. If a large cannula is used, the fat will come out faster, but the liposuction results may not be as smooth.

Step #2. Brazilian Butt Lift Processing

Next, the extracted fat is processed and purified through centrifugation – which spins the cells to remove unwanted body tissue, dead or unhealthy cells and toxins or debris.

This procedure doesn’t just transfer fat, but rather transfers the cells that store the fat. This way the fat cells survive in their new location, and continue to store fat in the patient’s behind.

For this reason, laser liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction, and even power assisted liposuction are less ideal, as they all will damage more fat cells.

Step #3. Brazilian Butt Lift Re-Injection

Once purified, the surgeon will use only the best donor fat cells to be reinjected into the butt. This is where the doctor’s skill, experience and and artistry comes into play!

Typically, hundreds of tiny microinjections of fat, at various depths, are made to ensure that the fat is distributed evenly and attractively in the buttocks. . If the fat is injected in large quantities at once (instead of small quantity injections), it may not take permanently.

Previously, surgeons implanted the fat into multiple levels – below, within and above the muscle. However, it has been determined that injecting the fat below the muscle puts a patient at an increased risk of serious complications from potential blood clots. Today, the safest and most reputable plastic surgeons like Dr. Ali approach the procedure cautiously and conservatively and only insert the fat cells above the muscles.

Make sure you only consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well-experienced with Brazilian Butt Lift procedures.

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