The Trend Toward Natural Looking Breast Implants

Why Natural Looking Breast Implants are “In”

The realm of plastic surgery is ever-evolving – and this includes the arena of breast implants. In our previous article, we discussed the many ways in which breast augmentation surgery has improved in technology, safety, recovery time, and appearance over the last decade.

One notable trend that has taken center stage in recent years is the shift towards more natural looking and feeling breast implants. In this article the breast implant experts at AMAE Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, MI take a look at the rapidly growing trend of achieve a natural appearance with breast implants.

Evolution of Beauty Standards & Breast Implants

The transition towards natural looking breast implants mirrors the broader evolution of beauty standards. In the past, many women sought large, prominent breast implants – fueled in part by a societal emphasis on often unrealistic “Pin Up Girl” or “Playboy Bunny” beauty standards.

In a more enlightened 21st century women are thankfully less “objectified” and more in control of their own body and beauty standards. As a result, the current trend in beauty leans towards a more understated, natural look.

Advancements in breast implant technology, also now provide women with more options regarding implant fill, sizes, and style, thereby allowing the surgery to be tailored to each individual’s unique needs to create a natural appearance. Saline implants and older silicone implants were simply round or “globe” shaped. But newer generations of silicone implants are teardrop shaped – mimicking the appearance of a woman’s breast for a natural appearance.

The Role of Celebrity Influence & Breast Implants

The influence of celebrity culture cannot be overlooked when discussing trends in plastic surgery. Even before the advent of movies and TV, society looked to actors, opera singers, and other performers, to set beauty styles and trends.

In recent years, numerous celebrities have been very open about undergoing breast implant surgery. These include “natural beauties” like Kelly Cuoco who openly discuss how breast augmentation has improved their lives and their careers. Similarly, Iggy Azalea professes her “love” for her moderate size breast implants. Another example is Destiny’s Child alum Kelly Rowland who told People magazine that she was “so happy” and felt “complete” after getting breast implants, going from an A cup to a B cup.

The Importance of Size in Natural Looking Breast Implants

Size plays a crucial role in achieving a natural look from breast augmentation. The key is to select implants that complement your frame. Most women who desire to maintain a natural look only go up a cup size – or two if they were extremely small breasted to begin with. Plastic surgeons say it’s advisable to stay within a two-cup size increase to maintain a realistic look, as well as ensure both proportions and comfort.

Remember breasts are NOT one-size fits all. A mid-range 350cc breast implant might look huge and unnatural on a very petite woman – but may be just right on someone with a bigger frame.

Plain and simply put, too-large implants can make the breasts appear inadvertently fake. For a more natural appearance, it’s recommended to try on various sizes during your consultation, using a sports or soft cup bra – as well as take advantage of Vector 3d computer imaging – to visualize the enhanced profile before making a decision.

Implant Placement Techniques for Natural Looking Breasts

The placement of the implant significantly impacts the final aesthetic result, as well. The dual-plane technique, which involves positioning the implants under the muscle in the upper portion of the breast and above it in the lower part, helps create a natural slope and avoids an overly round appearance.

A skilled and board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali who has performed thousands of breast implants will choose the best and most natural looking surgical technique for your body and your unique needs.

The Role of Projection in Natural Looking Breast Implants

Projection, which is how far the breast protrudes from the chest wall, affects the appearance and proportionality of the breasts. Implants that stick out too far from the chest wall can look “fake”. But a lower profile implant can provide a more natural look.

A balance between projection and width is crucial for a natural-looking breast augmentation. Current implant styles focus on providing less width/volume coupled with better projection.

Autologous Fat Transfer – A Natural Alternative to Breast Implants

Fat grafting – or autologous fat transfer – is a procedure that involves removing fat from one part of the body, purifying it, and injecting it into the upper portion of the breasts. This can improve fullness and skin tightness, without breast implants. It can also help create more natural-looking cleavage. Fat transfer can also be used to refine any imperfections, dimpling or asymmetry post-augmentation.

While autologous fat transfer does not achieve as dramatic results as breast implants, it can be an ideal procedure for women who want to add volume, lift, symmetry, or cleavage in the upper breast area. And, because the patients own fat is used to augment the breast, the results both look and feel completely natural.

Natural Looking Breast Implants | Birmingham, MI

The trend towards natural looking breast implants is expected to continue, with more and more women opting for subtle, versatile looks that complement their figure. This shift is reflective of a broader societal move towards embracing natural beauty and individuality.

Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. M. Azhar Ali, in Birmingham, MI, is skilled and experienced in achieving natural looking breast implant results. With his combination of artistic vision, advanced medical techniques, and years of experience, he has successfully given thousands of women the beautiful, natural looking breasts they have always desired.

And, for patients who still desire a bigger or more dramatic silhouette, Dr. Ali can discuss the safest and most beautiful breast implant shape, style, and surgical technique to achieve your appearance goals and ensure beautiful results.

Whether you want to go bigger or more natural, schedule a consultation (with Vectra 3D imaging) today and see what beautiful breast augmentation surgery at AMAE Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, MI can do for you.

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