Who Can Get a Nose Job?

Who is a Good Candidate for a Nose Job?

Good tissue and favorable healing responses are necessary for any surgery to be successful – including a rhinoplasty (nose job). A smooth clear complexion, firm nasal cartilage, elastic skin, and good general overall health make a person an ideal candidate for a nose job.

Who Can’t Get a Nose Job?

Certain hereditary conditions, however, can make an individual a less than ideal candidate for a nose job. Genetically weak cartilage or nasal bones, or skin that is too thin, too thick, or prone to scarring (such as keloids) can make a person a less than ideal rhinoplasty candidate.

Thick skin, for example, is difficult to shrink and sometimes doesn’t conform to the underlying framework of the new nasal shape – leading to limitations on what the surgeon can accomplish if the skin won’t contract.

Individuals taking immune suppressants, people with diabetes and/or bleeding disorders, and/or smokers typically do not heal as well and are more prone to infection and complications and should typically avoid elective surgeries.

Is there an Age Limit for a Nose Job?

There is not a specific age limit to have a nose job – but teens should not have rhinoplasty surgery until their nose has reached its adult size. This typically happens at about age 15 or 16 for girls. And, usually happens a year or so later for boys.

Dr. Ali will assess the patient’s nasal growth during a teen’s consultation to ensure the nose has stopped growing. Minors (under age 18) will, of course, need parental consent, as well.

Teenagers also need to have the emotional maturity to deal with the rigors of a somewhat difficult and painful surgical procedure – and the ability to fully comply with post-surgical care and recovery requirements.

They must be emotionally ready to deal with wearing the cast, a good week of nasal discharge and congestion, and the unsightly surgical swelling that can distort the nose for several months.

And teens must be willing and able to refrain from activities that could injure the nose while it is healing – including sports, bike riding, roughhousing, cheerleading, dance, etc.

That being said, for many young people the teenage years are an ideal time for a nose job. The young skin and body of a teenager heals quickly. And, for a teen who is extremely self-conscious about a misshapen or unattractive nose, a nose job can instill confidence in their appearance and help them enjoy the remainder of their high school or college years.

Can You Be Too Old For a Nose Job?

As with any surgery, good tissue, elastic/supple skin and favorable healing responses are necessary for a successful rhinoplasty. And as we age the skin becomes thinner and less elastic, and the bones and cartilage can become weakened.

So, for a nose job, there is not a set age that is “too old” – but rather the patients skin tone, cartilage strength and overall health must be assessed.

Also, while a nose job is a relatively minor procedure in terms of stress to the body – with any surgical procedure there is concern about the affect the surgery and the anesthesia, can have on the heart, lungs, or any underlying medical condition.

Can I Have a Second Nose Job?

Revision surgery is sometimes appropriate to touch up or repair a problem or imperfection from a previous nose job. However, in most cases, the risk of complex revision rhinoplasty is only justified for repairing a truly misshapen or poorly breathing nose.

A second nose job is considerably more complicated, far more costly, and often less effective than a first-time rhinoplasty — so your plastic surgeon will have to carefully assess the integrity of your nasal structures to ensure they can withstand a second surgery.

Best Detroit Area Nose Job Surgeon

Today’s nose job techniques are more advanced, safer, more accurate, and more effective than previous rhinoplasty surgeries. In the hands of a skilled board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali, a nose job can successfully be performed on most people in good health with favorable tissue.

If you are considering a nose job, call Detroit area Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ali for a rhinoplasty evaluation and consultation to see if you are good candidate.  He will assess your nasal structure, consider your appearance goals, and explain your surgical options  – to ensure that you achieve the best possible nose job results!


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