6 Steps to Maintaining Beautiful Breast Implants

6 Steps to Maintaining Beautiful Breast Implants

If you’ve recently gotten beautiful full, shapely breasts through breast implant surgery, there are some important steps you can take to ensure your breast implants bring you years of enjoyment without complications.

In this article, Troy, MI area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali shares 6 tips for keeping your breasts looking their best long after your breast augmentation surgery.

Take Time to Recover after Getting Breast Implants

Thanks to modern advancements in surgical techniques, many women only require a few days off from work or other activities after implant surgery. But while the recovery period is much shorter than it once was, your breasts still need time to heal on the inside and the outside.

Taking care of your implants by following your surgeons post-op instructions is essential to allowing your breast to heal properly and “drop” into place without complications such as infection, rotation and other problems.

Ease Back into Exercise after Getting Breast Implants

Even if you feel great – take things slowly as you return to exercise and other strenuous activities. Avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for at least a month post-surgery. While you can resume mild exercise about a week after surgery (follow your doctor’s instruction) you’ll want to take things very slowly.

Start simply and work up – walking before running; and replacing high impact activities with low impact exercises.  Avoid heavy lifting, including weights or weight machines, until your doctor specifically tells you it is “safe” and you are not in danger of tearing stitches.

Wear Proper Breast Support after Getting Breast Implants

Gravity still affects breast implants – though not to the same extent as it affects natural breast tissue. So if you have got implants, you need a great, supportive bra.

Remember, while the implants themselves will always keep their shape, your skin, muscles and tissue must support the weight of the breast implants. So you need to limit the impact that gravity has on your body to prevent premature sagging of your breasts – especially when exercising or running!

Most breast implant surgeons recommend that you wear a bra as often much as you can – even when sleeping at night, to protect the breasts from excessive bouncing and movement.

Moisturize after Getting Breast Implants

As we just discussed, your skin still needs to support those beautiful new implants! Regularly applying skin lotion to your breasts will moisturizing and nourish the skin – so it retains its tone and elasticity.

Choose a high quality moisturizer, such as one with natural skin nourishing elements such as botanicals, and use it every day.  Avoiding sun, as well as wearing ample high SPF sunscreen can also keep your skin young and health, so it continues to Keep Your Weigh Steady after Getting Breast Implants

We know maintaining a stable weight over the years is more easily said than done. And those extra pounds can creep on in spite of trying to maintain healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

But substantial changes in your weight can cause the skin and breast tissue to sag. Even pregnancy weight gain can take their toll on breast implants. Too much weight gain or loss can result in the need for a breast lift to restore the implants to their original “perky” position. support your new, bigger breasts.

Get Mammograms after Getting Breast Implants

Getting regular mammograms is still important after getting breast implants. Mammograms are necessary for early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer in every women, including those with breast implants.

Always let the imaging center know you have implants when you schedule your mammogram appointment. S facilities even have technicians who are specially trained in mammograms for breast implant patients.

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