Breast Massage after Breast Implant Surgery

FAQs: Massaging Breasts after Breast Implant Surgery – 

Massaging your breasts after breast implant surgery has many benefits. However, when and how you should massage your breasts after implant surgery will depend upon a variety of factors – including the type of implants and the surgical technique used.

In this article we explain the “basics” of breast massage after implant surgery. However, Dr. Ali will review the specific massage techniques that are right for you during your first or second post-operative visit. You should not begin massage until instructed to do so by your surgeon.

Breast Implant Massage FAQs

Why do I need to massage my breasts after augmentation?

Massage your breast implants after your surgery keeps the soft tissue “pocket” around the breast implant open, soft and supple.

The goal of the massage is to keep the pocket and soft tissue “capsule” around the breast implant a little bigger than the implants. This allows the implants to keep moving freely and naturally with the breast.

Massage helps to keep the pocket while the muscle and skin are still relaxing and the implants are “settling”. This helps limit the risk of “capsular contracture” in which the soft tissue capsule shrinks and squeezes the implant.

When do I massage my breasts after breast augmentation?

Typically, patients are advised to perform implant self-massage twice daily, beginning about one week after breast implant surgery.

Dr. Ali will examine your tissue and incisions before instructing you to start massaging the breasts.

How do I massage my breasts after breast implant surgery?

You should be lying down when doing breast massage, so that the overlying muscles will be relaxed, and the implants will move around more easily.

Typically, you will be instructed to push down toward your ribs on the edge of the implant – displacing it. You will generally be instructed to hold the implant in a displaced position for about 15 seconds – and repeat this five times in all directions.

However, in some cases, Dr. Ali may recommend a certain pattern of massage based on your specific case and needs.

How long do I need to massage my breast implants?

Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions – but typically you should massage your implants until they have fully settled – usually for about three months.

However, it is not a bad idea to continue the implant massages, at least two or three times a week, for as long as you have the breast implants.

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