Caring for Your Breast Implants (Part 2)

Caring for Your Breast Implants (Part 2)

While damage to breast implants is a rare occurrence, if your breast implant becomes ruptured it will have to be removed. In part 2 of this article Oakland County board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali explains how to monitor and detect breast implant rupture.

Monitoring Your Breast Implants for Rupture

There are numerous factors that can result in your breast implants developing a hole or tear in their shell. For the most part, these holes are referred to by breast implant surgeons as ruptures because they allow for silicone gel from inside the implant to secrete out of the implant.

If one or both of your implants rupture, you may find yourself experiencing a variety of symptoms. Talk to Detroit Board Certified Breast Implant Surgeon if you experience any of the following symptoms, as they may be a result of your implant(s) having ruptured: changes in breast size or shape, tingling, pain, numbness, swelling, hardness of the breast, or if you notice lumps or hard knots surrounding the implant or in the armpit.

It is possible, however, that you may experience an implant rupture without experiencing any symptoms at all. In such cases (what are known as “silent ruptures,”) it can be more difficult to determine if you have experienced a rupture. Talk to Detroit Board Certified Breast Implant Surgeon Dr. Ali if you notice anything that feels out of place about your breast implants.

Detroit Board Certified Breast Implant Surgeon Dr. Ali will most likely prescribe an MRI examination to determine if a silent rupture has occurred. As MRI’s are the best identifier of silent ruptures, it is strongly recommended that you arrange for an MRI with your breast implant surgeon in the third year following your surgery, then once more every two years for as long as you have your breast implants.

It is the opinion of Detroit Board Certified Breast Implant Surgeon that patients with both saline filled and silicone gel-filled breast implants should arrange for routine mammography for breast cancer screening, based on age and risk factors.

What to do if you Suspect Breast Implant Rupture

If you believe that the silicone gel has moved out of your breast implant or that your implant has ruptured, call Detroit Board Certified Breast Implant Surgeon Dr. Ali right away to schedule an exam. The best way to diagnose a rupture is through an MRI.

If Detroit Board Certified Breast Implant Surgeon Dr. Ali confirms that your implant has leaked or ruptured, he will consult you on all of your options, which may involve the removal and replacement of your breast implant, depending on your medical needs.

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