Anti Aging–Part Four

In this final segment of our four-part blog, we discuss face lifts, as surgical procedure designed to eliminate wrinkles, jowls and sagging skin.

Facelifts and Mini Lifts

A facelift is surgery that removes excess skin and tightens the tissue around the facial muscles. Sometimes liposuction is also employed to remove excess fat. The operation takes 3-5 hours, and face lift incisions are typically hidden around the ear. There may be a small incision beneath the chin if contouring of the chin is required. While there can be some bruising and swelling from the procedure, most patients have minimal pain or discomfort and are well healed after about two weeks. While facelifts have become fairly common it is still major surgery. Only have a facelift performed by a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in this area.

The mini facelift is a good option for aging skin with mild soft tissue laxity that doesn’t require a full facelift. Different options are available, including Reveal® a non-surgical mini lift developed by Dr. M. Azhar Ali of Amae Plastic Surgery.

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