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When Bigger Isn’t Better – Breast Reduction Surgery and You

Bloomfield, Hills, MI – You’ve heard the phrase bigger is better, but for some women, that isn’t necessarily the case. Women with exceptionally large breasts can experience physical pain and discomfort, as well as self-consciousness associated with their breast size.

“When we think of cosmetic surgery, we often think of women seeking larger, fuller breasts,” says Dr. Ali. But the Bloomfield Hills plastic surgeon says that isn’t always the case. “There are many women who develop overly large breasts during puberty and who suffer physically and emotionally because of it. They seek me out to lead a more active, confident lifestyle.”

Breasts that are too large can cause pain in the neck, back and shoulders, rashes along the folds of the breasts, and indentations on the shoulders from bra straps. Patients with large breasts may have poor posture, which aggravates back pain, and they may also have difficulty leading an active lifestyle due to the weight of their breasts.

Additionally, women may be self-conscious about their large breasts. It can be difficult to find properly fitting clothes and bras. But there is an answer. Breast reduction is a very common procedure that is performed regularly by Dr. Ali.

A breast reduction procedure removes excess fat, glandular tissue and skin in order to create a breast size that is in better proportion with the patient’s body, as well as to relieve any discomfort associated with the size of the breasts.

There are several surgical techniques to reduce a breast so your procedure will depend on your surgeon’s experience and preference, as well as the size of the breasts.

The most common procedure Dr. Ali uses is a three part incision. Incisions are made around the areola, then vertically down the breast and horizontally beneath the breast in the natural crease. For patients who may wish to have fewer scars, a technique called the lollypop technique can also be used. In this case, the incision will only be around the areola and then straight down to the fold, eliminating the horizontal incision.

The type of procedure that is best for you can only be determined after a careful examination by Dr. Ali. Once the procedure is chosen, excess tissue, fat and skin will be removed, and then the nipple and areola will be repositioned. Dr. Ali can also reduce the size of the areola to make it more proportionate to the new breast size, if need be.

In some cases, excess tissue is removed through liposuction. If the breast is large in size due to fatty tissue alone, and there is no excess skin, Dr. Ali may be able to use liposuction alone to properly reduce the breast size.

Once the excess tissue and skin is removed, the breast will be lifted and shaped. Dr. Ali takes careful time in contouring the breast to ensure an aesthetically pleasing breast. He will layer sutures in the breast tissue to support the newly sized breasts, and then use sutures, skin adhesive and/or surgical tape to close the skin.

Incision lines will be permanent, but Dr. Ali takes great care to ensure that they will fade over time and be well hidden when wearing a swimsuit or bra.

Your results will be immediate. However, you’ll experience some discomfort in the days immediately following. There will be some bruising and swelling, but it should subside in the weeks after surgery. Patients should avoid strenuous activity for at least six weeks after surgery.

Patients will be asked to wear a special support bra for several weeks after the surgery. The nipple may have limited sensation immediately after surgery, but normal sensation will return within four to six weeks.

You will be given care instructions following your procedure. It is important to carefully follow all of Dr. Ali’s instruction to ensure proper healing. In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to return to normal activities and experience life to its fullest.

If you’re ready to discover how a breast reduction procedure can reshape your life, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali today.
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