Trends in Cosmetic Surgery – The Later In Life Lift

One of the most recent trends in cosmetic surgery is treating patients who are approaching their golden years.  While this demographic isn’t new, the increase in patients considering cosmetic surgery is!  As baby boomers approach retirement, they are choosing to enter it with their best foot forward.  From 2012 to 2013, the number of elective procedures jumped 4% in the 55+ age group.

While nose reshaping is a popular cosmetic procedure across the board, the over 55 crowd tends to lean more towards facial procedures including lifts, forehead lifts, ear reshaping and hair transplants. Regardless of the procedure, the most common reason was that they finally have time to focus on themselves.

While many see cosmetic surgery as purely vain, we feel otherwise.  You work hard every single day to provide for yourself and loved ones – shouldn’t you feel your best?  Some of the unknown benefits that our patients experience are increased self-esteem and confidence!

Don’t believe us?  Check out what they have to say in our reviews section!  Dr. Ali is one of the best in the business, board certified and able to offer you a comprehensive experience – even with non-invasive procedures.

As you ease into your retirement, have you considered a nip or tuck?  Perhaps a procedure that will finally take care of the area that has been frustrating you?  Contact us today for a consultation!

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