[wps_page_content_type2 title=”Cosmetic Facial Surgery”]Dr. Ali is an accomplished plastic surgeon in both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for the face. With over 11 years on training beyond medical school in plastic surgery, Dr. Ali is recognized as a top Michigan plastic surgeon to which other doctors frequently refer patients.[/wps_page_content_type2]

Facial Procedures

The following are plastic surgery procedures performed by Dr. Ali on a regular basis.


Highly successful alternative to plastic surgery, as it is non-surgical with little to no recovery time. Learn More


A facelift lifts the skin of the face in order to minimize wrinkles and sagging “jowls.”  Learn More

Liquid Facelift

Highly successful alternative to plastic surgery, as it is non-surgical with little to no recovery time. Learn More

Neck Lift

This procedure removes tightens the skin, giving the neck a more youthful appearance. Learn More

Nose Reshaping

Also known as a “nose job” this procedure restructures the nose to provide a more pleasing profile. Learn More

Brow Lift

Restores drooping brows and smooths out wrinkles and lines in the forehead. Learn More

Cheek Implants

Implants can be placed over the cheek bones to provide a youthful appearance or to correct a facial imbalance. Learn More

Eyelid Surgery

Performed either above or below the eye, this procedure minimizes “puffy” or “baggy” eyes. Learn More

Chin Implant

Typically a chin implant is placed to correct an imbalance in the facial profile. Learn More

Ear Surgery

This procedure is used to correct the ears, most often when they do not lay flat against the head, although deformities and imbalances can also be correct with ear surgery. Learn More

Facial Reconstruction

Skin grafting and scar reduction are procedures that correct damage to the skin of the face or other areas of the body. Learn More

Hair Transplant

Permanently replaces hair (typically on the head) that has been lost to balding, disease, accident or genetic conditions. Learn More


Helps to “refinish” the top layers of the skin through a method of controlled surgical scraping. Learn More

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