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What Plastic Surgery Stigma?

Bloomfield Hills, MI – Over the years, millions of people have turned to plastic surgery to look and feel better, and have spent billions of dollars in the process. Once upon a time, these people would have stayed hidden from the public to hide their work. Today, however, more people are saying goodbye to the stigma formerly attached to plastic surgery and embracing their results.

“Years ago, people thought others only turned to plastic surgery to try to hold on to their youth,” says Bloomfield Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ali. “Results of early nose jobs and other procedures were often a bit crude and cookie cutter, so it was obvious when someone had a procedure. Today, however, techniques have advanced so much that patients often leave others wondering if they’ve had work done.”

Today, we’re seeing more celebrities embracing the work they’ve had done, and even talking about it openly because they are proud of their results. Gone are the days of using fake names and going on extended vacations to hide their work. And every day people are following the lead, as they see the beautiful and natural results that can now be achieved.

“I often have patients coming to me for a facelift, tummy tuck, or a host of other procedures who aren’t trying to regain their youth, but simply trying to regain their vigor and self-confidence,” says Dr. Ali. “Good plastic surgery can be age appropriate and natural looking. The goal should always be to help our patients look and feel as great on the outside as they do on the inside. Today, we’re seeing patients who are so happy with their results, they can’t wait to shout them from the rooftops.”

We still see news of plastic surgery dominating tabloids. People love to guess “did they or didn’t they?” While there may still be people who think plastic surgery is bad, or fake, the negative opinions are starting to fall away to more positive, and empowered, ideas of what plastic surgery can do. And much of that has to do with how far plastic surgery has come over the years.

“In the early days of surgery, it’s true that many women turned to a surgeon to try to maintain their grasp on their youth,” says Dr. Ali. “This was especially true in the case of Hollywood starlets, who needed to stay youthful looking to continue their careers. Today, however, we’re seeing more women aging gracefully, and as strange as it may sound, plastic surgery can often help women do just that.”

Reasons for undergoing plastic surgery are deeply personal, and the experience can be very positive. When people feel good about the way they look, that confidence carries over into every aspect of their lives. They can gain back a renewed sense of self, and be more willing to tackle new goals and live life to the fullest.

And it seems that younger generations are more accepting of plastic surgery procedures. These younger generations feel it’s okay to be successful and look and feel your best, and know that plastic surgery procedures are often a great solution to that. With the popularity of Botox and fillers, people are getting introduced to the plastic surgery world at younger ages, and as they age, they are more willing to embrace more invasive procedures, if they feel they could benefit.

“I love what I do because I get to see how patients change from before their procedure to after,” says Dr. Ali. “The confidence I see in a woman who once again feels ready to tackle the world is a beautiful thing. Plastic surgery not only helps people look better, it helps them feel better, too. And I don’t think that is a bad thing at all.”

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