The Truth About Labial Reduction Surgery (Labiaplasty)

Detroit, MI – Are you unhappy with the large size of your labia minora and the way it hangs a tad too low?

If so, you don’t have to live with the hand that nature has dealt you.

Labiaplasty, the plastic surgery procedure designed to reduce the size of your labia, can help you regain your confidence, particularly in the bedroom.

Anxious to learn more?

Here are the facts surrounding this simple procedure that is changing the lives of women everywhere.

Why Does the Labia Minora Become Enlarged?

The labia minor has the necessary function of protecting your vaginal opening when your legs are spread. When the labia minor is too large, however, complications can result.

In some cases, you may have been born with enlarged labia. Or maybe you developed the issue with age or following childbirth.

No matter how you managed to develop enlarged labia, you don’t have to endure the pesky problems that result.

Complications from Enlarged Labia

When your labia minora extends further than your labia majora, it can cause friction issues.
In some cases, you may experience personal hygiene problems.

Exercising and engaging in sports may become such an ordeal that you feel like giving up altogether.

To make matters worse, you may not be able to have sexual intercourse as easily. And then there are the comments that may have come from sexual partners that can completely destroy your self-esteem.

Whatever problems you may be experiencing, labiaplasty surgery can help.

How is the Surgery Performed?

Labiaplasty surgery is performed under general anesthesia. However, your surgeon may choose to use local anesthesia with sedation, depending on how thorough a procedure is necessary.
Your surgeon will take great care to reduce the size of your labia while making it look as though you are born that way.

To the untrained eye, it won’t appear as though you had surgery at all. In other words, your smaller labia will look completely natural with barely noticeable scarring.

What to Expect Post-Surgery

When the surgery is complete, your surgeon will give you a dressing pad to wear that is similar to a maxi pad. You should wear this pad while remaining on bed rest for at least one week.

During this time, you should also engage in an “on and off” application of cold compresses, which will reduce swelling.

You may experience some bleeding and bruising in the surgical area, but these will disappear within a few days.

When Can You Get Back to Living Life?

With your renewed sense of confidence, you should be able to return to your regular routine after a week. However, don’t go running any marathons or hit the weight room just yet.

You should refrain from engaging in strenuous activity (that includes sexual intercourse) for at least six weeks.

After the six weeks recovery period is up, and as with any surgery, try easing back into your usual activity and sex routine so that you don’t set your recovery back just in case your body takes longer to bounce back post-surgery.

Your plastic surgeon will give you explicit instructions on how to care for your dressing at home and when to return to life’s activities. Listen to these instructions and follow them with careful attention and you should be back to your usual self in no time.

A Renewed Sense of Life

With your reduced and reshaped labia, you should find relief from all your previous issues. You should also feel more confident during sex, which can certainly enhance your sexual pleasure.

Dr. Ali now offers labiaplasty to residents of Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Detroit, and Clarkston.

If you are unhappy with the size of your labia and you are considering labiaplasty, schedule an appointment with experienced Detroit plastic surgeon Dr. Ali for a consultation.

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