Top 10 Men’s Plastic Surgery Procedures in 2022 – Part 2

Top 10 Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men in 2022 (Part 2)

Plastic surgery procedures among men are becoming more common.  At AMAE Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgery team has compiled a list of the top 10 plastic surgery procedures for men, to help male patients understand their options and the types of plastic surgery procedures the modern man is undergoing. In part 1 of the top 10 plastic surgery procedures for men, procedures such as jaw implants, tummy tucks, and nose jobs were highlighted – read on to discover the remainder of the top plastic surgery procedure for men in 2022!

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#6. Brow lift Plastic Surgery for Men

A brow lift is a type of plastic surgery procedure that can help men look younger and more awake. It helps to reduce the signs of aging around the forehead. A brow lift has several different options, from full to mini. The specific type of plastic surgery needed is dependent upon the patients desired results. Brow lifts can take up to one hour and usually only cause mild discomfort and swelling. The incision for a brow lift can range from a full incision across the hairline to endoscopic options. Results from a brow lift are usually present for 10 – 15 years. Male patients who choose this type of plastic surgery typically only have the procedure once.

#7. Facelift Plastic Surgery for Men

A facelift is a type of plastic surgery men are electing to undergo to tighten and remove excess skin on their face. The tissue on the face can be reshaped and contoured, which gives men a more taut, younger appearance.

A facelift is a plastic surgery that yields major results, but the longevity of a facelift is impacted by lifestyle. Factors such as sun exposure, tobacco usage, and genetics can impact how long a man will see results. Facelifts do require sutures and some swelling and bruising is possible. Recovery usually lasts around 3 weeks.

#8. Neck lift Plastic Surgery for Men

A neck lift is another type of plastic surgery the makes a man look younger through tightening and removal of excess skin. Neck lifts remove loose skin and fat through incisions made in the area of the sideburns. For men, the neck lift is more common than the facelift! For men who undergo a neck lift, it can take roughly two weeks before swelling settles down enough for a man to feel comfortable going out in public. Swelling will continue to resolve over the course of around six months. Plastic surgeons typically recommend not overdoing it with a neck lift, as a more underdone appearance will help to achieve a natural looking result.

#9. Fat Grafting  Plastic Surgery for Men

Fat grafting is a type of plastic surgery where the plastic surgeon removes fat from one area of the body and redistributes it to a new area. An example of a type of plastic surgery that utilizes fat grafting is a Brazilian butt lift.

Men most commonly receive fat grafting in the cheeks, temples, and nasolabial fold. Fat grafting is a plastic surgery procedure that has very minimal downtime. Men typically return to normal activity the following day. But they can expect some swelling.

#10. Buccal Fat Removal Plastic Surgery for Men

Buccal fat removal is a type of plastic surgery that removes fat from the face. While this type of plastic surgery has most commonly been seen in women, it is now becoming more prevalent in men. The goal of buccal fat removal is to help the face appear more defined by reducing the fat directly under the cheek bone. Men who want a more sculpted look would benefit from buccal fat removal. This procedure is very short – around 20 minutes – and men can return to normal activity the following day!

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There are many different types of plastic surgery that men may benefit from. While the list in this article includes top and common plastic surgery procedures for men, each man is unique in his cosmetic goals. Making the right choice in plastic surgery is important, as these procedures affect a man’s confidence for the course of his life.

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