Labiaplasty Surgery vs Viveve Non-Surgical Labia Remodeling

Non-Surgical Labia Remodeling Instead of Labiaplasty –  

An important component of enjoying a sex life that is both happy and healthy is self-confidence in the bedroom. But for many women, insecurities about their body make that kind of confidence seem almost impossible. The root of such insecurities for many such women is an above-average sized labia, or a labia that is loose or wrinkled. In the past, the only way to correct such issues was through labiaplasty surgery. Today, however, Detroit area women now also have access to an innovative non-surgical labiaplasty alternative.

Thanks to recent technological developments in the field of gynecology, non-surgical labiaplasty is a noninvasive alternative to traditional labiaplasty surgery. Renowned Detroit area plastic surgeon is pleased to offer both labiaplasty and non-surgical Viveve radiofrequency labia remodeling.

Through Viveve non-surgical labiaplasty, our patients are able to improve the overall appearance of their labia, shrinking and tightening it to deliver results to rival surgical labiaplasty. In this article, board certified Detroit area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali discusses the difference between traditional labiaplasty surgery and Viveve non-surgical labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty Surgery

Also known as “labia edge excision,” surgical labiaplasty is performed by physically cutting excess skin off of the labia. Unlike non-surgical labiaplasty, traditional labiaplasty surgery requires our Detroit area patients to undergo anesthetic prior to their procedure. Even the largest of labias can be trimmed to a beautiful length with labiaplasty surgery.

Typically, labiaplasty surgery patients must allow for at least two full days of bed rest following treatment, something not required of our non-surgical labiaplasty patients. Traditional labiaplasty differs further from non-surgical labiaplasty in that, following surgery, at least a week of downtime is required. Following this, labiaplasty surgery patients must also avoid strenuous physical activity -as well as sexual intercourse- for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

During the healing process, pain medication will be prescribed as needed, to treat any discomfort.

Viveve Non-surgical Labiaplasty Alternative

At AMAE Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, we not only offer our Detroit area patients not only traditional labiaplasty, but also provide Viveve radiofrequency non-surgical labiaplasty alternative. Viveve is a perfect alternative to surgery for Detroit area women with mild to moderate labial distention – or wrinkled labia. Greater amounts of labial distention may, however, benefit more from traditional surgery, rather than this non-surgical labiaplasty alternative.

Using a slim device resembling a wand, Viveve non-surgical labiaplasty is capable of remodeling the labia on a deep, cellular level by emitting radiofrequency energy. Patients who choose Viveve non-surgical labiaplasty walk away from treatment with a labia that is smoother, smaller, and more youthful in appearance. And, as the effects develop over time, the l;abia will continue to become smaller, smoother and more youthful looking.

Radiofrequency (“RF”) – the technology used in Viveve –  has a long history of incredible skin tightening, toning, and contouring results. When used to treat the skin of the face, RF treatments are referred to as being a “non-surgical facelift.” The radiofrequency energy in Viveve offers the same level of skin tightening, and toning on the labia. So, in many ways,  Viveve non-surgical labiaplasty is like a “facelift for the labia.”

No Downtime With Viveve Non-surgical Labiaplasty

Our Detroit area Viveve non-surgical labiaplasty patients are not subject to the downtime that comes with traditional labiaplasty surgery, nor do they require pain medication to manage discomfort. And unlike traditional labiaplasty patients, Viveve non-surgical labiaplasty patients have the luxury of returning to their normal daily routine as soon as they leave their appointment. Following treatment, our Detroit area patients are free to engage in sexual intercourse and other strenuous physical activities the same day as their Viveve non-surgical labiaplasty!

Viveve non-surgical labiaplasty results in no scarring, no risk of infection, and no ongoing pain with this safe, effective non-surgical labiaplasty alternative.

Non-surgical Labiaplasty – Detroit Area

At AMAE Med Spa, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali is one of the only physicians in the Detroit area to offer both labiaplasty surgery and non-surgical labia remodelling.

If you are suffering from the discomfort or embarrassment of a large, distended or wrinkled labia, contact us today for more information, and see if either of these life-changing treatments are right for your needs.

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