More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery (Part 2)

For decades, the vast majority of cosmetic surgery patients were women. But the number of men who are now undergoing plastic surgery procedures is increasing every year.

Board certified Troy, MI area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has been performing plastic surgery on male patients for more than 2 decades. In this article he discusses why more and more men in the Troy, MI area are turning to plastic surgery, and what procedures they are getting.


Men’s Blepharoplasty Plastic Surgery

Blepharoplasty surgery lifts the eyelids and “opens” the eyes for a more youthful, less tired appearance. And, in addition to its cosmetic benefits, blepharoplasty surgery can lift a man’s eyelids so that he sees better. Blepharoplasty is performed by removing excessive skin from the eyelid.

Keep in mind that an eyelid lift is so the patient’s choice of a skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali is essential. Dr. Ali is an experienced surgeon who has performed hundreds of men’s eyelid lift surgeries, who understands the complexities of the blepharoplasty procedure. He knows how not to remove too much skin, which can leave the eyes looking unnatural as well as chronically dry.

Dr. Ali also has the skill and experience to ensure that the shape and natural appearance of the patients’ eye is not altered. Successful blepharoplasty should make the man’s eyes appear more open and clearer without changing their shape or form.

Men’s Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery

Nose reshaping surgery – often called a “nose job” or by its technical name “Rhinoplasty” – can alter the size, shape and, in some cases, the function of the nose (such as to correct breathing dysfunction). While rhinoplasty is one of the more complicated facial surgeries it is also one of the most common. Some men were born with a nose they never liked, others may have had their nose misshapen due to an injury – especially when boxing, playing hockey, or when participating in other sports.

A skilled plastic surgeon can reshape or remove portions of the bone or cartilage, reshape or narrow the bridge of the nose, re-sculpting the tip of the nose, and/or alter and improve the appearance of the nostrils.

It is important to find a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali with high level skill who has performed hundreds of men’s rhinoplasties. He can refine the size, shape and proportions of your nose to complement the rest of your facial features, while respecting your ethnic heritage, and ensuring that you still look like “you.”

Even small changes to your nose can make a large difference in how your nose looks, how it works, and how you feel about your overall appearance. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali is committed to working closely with you from start to finish to get rhinoplasty results that you will love.

Men’s Plastic Surgery | Troy, MI Area

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