“Beauty Matching” Trend Makes Waves In Plastic Surgery

How “Beauty Matching” Is Making Waves In Plastic Surgery – 

In our Macomb County Plastic Surgery practice, the term “beauty matching” has begun to make significant waves. The surprisingly common beauty matching trend among plastic surgery patients refers to the practice of a couple both undergoing the same cosmetic procedure(s) at or near the same time. Sometimes the goal is to actually physically look like one another – but for most “beauty matchers” joint plastic surgery is simple an opportunity for the couple to shares the experience of cosmetic surgery.

Many couples who desire to beauty match will book their procedures close together before a wedding or another major life event where they will both be the focus of attention. Others make the choice to beauty match after the fact, when one half of a couple is inspired by their partner’s choice to undergo plastic surgery, and then books their own cosmetic procedure themselves.

In both cases, couples who have undergone beauty matching overwhelmingly report that the experience brought them closer together.

Plastic Surgery Procedures That Can Be Beauty-Matched

As people tend to share many similarities with their romantic partner, many couples also share similar plastic surgery goals. Non-invasive cosmetic procedures like CoolSculpting or Botox tend to the most common for beauty matching. Although almost any plastic surgery procedure has been matched with one’s partner.

Facelifts, eyelid lifts and tummy tucks are popular beauty match plastic surgeries for couples, who both decide it’s time to look younger and more in shape together. This enables the couple to enjoy their new found youthful, attractive appearance together!

What to Know Before Beauty-Matching Plastic Surgery

When undergoing any kind of plastic surgery, it is important to make sure the choice to do so is motivated by the right reasons. With beauty matching involving two people making a major life choice, couples must make sure they are both completely on the same page regarding their procedure. But as long as all parties are in agreement about the desired outcomes of their respective surgeries, beauty matching can be an extremely rewarding and valuable experience for plastic surgery patients.

As long as both patients share equal enthusiasm about their shared plastic surgery experience, plastic surgeons -including Macomb County Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ali- agree that beauty matching is a perfectly healthy and practical approach to getting plastic surgery. By undergoing plastic surgery together, couples are able to offer a unique kind of emotional support that would be impossible without sharing the experience together. And for couples who undergo beauty matching at the same time will also be on the same recovery schedule and be able to keep one another company as they heal.

While beauty matching has proved to be a valuable experience for many plastic surgery patients, it is important to note that the beauty matching experience may not be right for everybody. Couples must take great care not to pressure their partner into undergoing plastic surgery and must be sure both parties want the same thing.

Concerns such as these are particularly vital when considering plastic surgery to accomplish literal beauty matching. While not as common as other forms of beauty matching, couples wishing to undergo plastic surgery to literally look like one another are encouraged to carefully consider all potential consequences before moving forward – even more so than couples undergoing other types of beauty matching.

Top Macomb County Plastic Surgery

Beauty matching can prove to be a very valuable experience for couples considering plastic surgery. If you and your partner decide beauty matching sounds right for you, Board Certified Macomb County plastic surgeon Dr. Ali will work closely with you to ensure each of your plastic surgery goals are met.

Couples who have chosen to get plastic surgery say it has helped them feel more self-confident, feel better about their bodies, and gives them a greater feeling of well-being and more enjoyment of life.

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