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How Frequently Do Breast Implants Need to be Replaced?

Bloomfield Hills, MIBreast augmentation, also referred to as breast implants, can do wonders for a woman’s self-esteem. Women who are unhappy with the appearance and volume of their breasts can undergo plastic surgery to feel like an entirely different woman. With her breasts augmented, a woman can feel more confident and self-assured, and all the added attention she often experiences doesn’t hurt either.

Replacing Breast Implants Every 10 Years?

Yet there’s a prevailing myth that’s permeating message boards and the spaces surrounding water coolers that says that a woman must have her breasts redone at some point, usually around ten years.

Is this myth true? Do breast implants always have to be replaced at some point in the future? And if so, how often do they need to be replaced? More importantly, what happens if you don’t replace them, and how do you know when they’re in need of replacement?

The Facts About Breast Implant Replacement

According to the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons, the suggestion to replace saline or silicone breast implants every ten years was the advice years ago and was based on factual data that was slightly misrepresented.

The ASPS further reports that, based on FDA research, and ten years following an initial breast augmentation, 1 out of 5 patients require some type of revision procedure in the future. That rounds out to about 20% of patients that need a follow-up operation ten years later.

The causes of this follow-up treatment are myriad, with excess scar tissue and broken implants being the prime culprits.

As Jonathan Kaplan states, writing for the ASPS, “80% of the patients are doing fine at 10 years.”

The article by Kaplan further points out that the study by the FDA was conducted back in 2011, and many advancements have been made in breast augmentation since then.

Advancements in Breast Augmentation Create Stronger Implants

Today, plastic surgeons like Dr. M. Azhar Ali in Detroit use fifth-generation gummy bear breast implants. These implants are not only sturdier, but they are also built to last.

Dr. Ali said, “The only reason a breast implant would need to be replaced is due to a problem with the implant itself. If there is a rupture or implant displacement, most implant manufacturers will replace both saline and silicone implants at no charge to the patient, and they will sometimes cover the surgeon’s fee also.”

While Dr. Ali points out that there are always exceptions, most implants will last a lifetime. Still, it is important to perform regular self-examinations to determine if there is any loss of volume, shape or consistency.

Dr. Ali stated, “A follow-up appointment every ten years wouldn’t hurt. Advancements in plastic surgery and new breast implant technologies may pave way to an even more realistic alternative that is worthy of a follow-up procedure.”

If you are experiencing any change in your breast implants or to schedule a consultation to get this and other important questions answered about the breast augmentation procedure, call 248-335-7200 or email Dr. Ali to schedule a consultation.

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