What to Expect After Your Breast Implant Surgery

Oakland County Breast Implant Surgeon Explains
What to Expect After Your Breast Implant Surgery


This article will answer specific questions about what to expect after the breast implant surgery itself. If you are considering breast implant surgery for breast enhancement, you may also want to read our  Breast Implant FAQs HERE, and our description of the Breast Implant Surgical Process HERE.

How long do my bandages stay on after breast implant surgery?

You will receive instructions for your post-surgery care and follow-up appointments from Dr. Ali’s office. Typically you can take the gauze off after the first day. But tape or adhesive strips directly on the incision, should only be removed by the Dr.’s staff. Sometimes, however they may fall off by themselves.

If Dr. Ali recommends an ACE bandage for gentle compression and comfort, you can generally continue to use it until you transition into a soft bra. Most of our patients wear a soft sports bra for the first few weeks following breast implant surgery.

Each patient is different. Dr. Ali will provide you with detailed instructions for your after-care.

How much pain is there after breast implant surgery?

The pain associated with breast implant surgery will vary from woman to woman. Each person has a different pain tolerance. And every patient’s surgery will be performed slightly differently, based on their body type and implant choice.

Pain after any surgery – including breast enhancement – is always worse in the first few days after surgery. But the pain after breast implant surgery tends to rapidly improve.

Dr. Ali will do everything possible to minimize your pain. This includes making the smallest incisions possible, and prescribing the most effective pain medication. Typically, by the end of the first week (or before) you will only need Tylenol or Motrin to manage any pain.

Dr. Ali’s thousands of satisfied breast implant patients almost unanimously agree that any short-term pain or discomfort was well worth it to have their new, beautiful breasts.

When will my breasts look “normal” after breast implant surgery?

Keep in mind that swelling is a normal part of the healing process. So your breasts may initially look larger than you expected after the surgery, due to swelling.

The swelling generally peaks around 48 hours after surgery, then begins to rapidly decrease. After the first few weeks, 50% of the swelling is typically gone. And by around 6 to 8 weeks after surgery, most of the swelling should have diminished. At six months, almost all the swelling is generally gone.

Bruising will be worse the day after surgery, and then rapidly improve. By two weeks after breast implant surgery the bruising should be gone. Do not be alarmed if you experience a burning sensation in your nipples at first. This may last up to two weeks, but will subside along with the bruising. Your pain medication should manage this.

What restrictions will be on me after breast implant surgery?

Dr. Ali will provide you with detailed information on what to expect during the healing process during your consultation. And he will send you home with detailed instructions regarding any restrictions.

However, generally, a person can shower the day after surgery. You should not bathe, use a hot-tub, go swimming, or immerse your incisions for at least a week and possibly longer depending upon your aftercare instructions. The patient should generally engage in minimal activity for the first two days after breast implant surgery. Within three to five days, most women are able to leave the house for short trips and light walks.

Typically, Dr. Ali will advise you that strenuous activities (jogging, weight-lifting, and even sex) and heavy lifting should not be done until 3 to 4 weeks after breast implant surgery.

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