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Hair loss is primarily caused by a combination of aging, a change in hormones, and a family history of baldness. As a rule, the earlier that hair loss begins, the more severe the baldness will become. Hair loss can also be caused by burns or trauma.

Hair transplantation is a permanent solution to hair loss. This procedure is performed on both men and women.

How a Hair Transplant is Performed

A hair transplant is performed in an office setting under local anesthesia. The first step in hair transplantation is to obtain a strip of hair from the back/sides of the scalp. The strip of hair is then very meticulously cut into small grafts. Grafts that contain one or two hair follicles are called micro grafts. Grafts that contain 3 to 5 hair follicles are known as mini grafts.

Micro grafts are placed in the first one or two rows, whereas mini grafts are placed in the rest of the area to give more volume. The procedure can take 3-5 hours depending upon the number of grafts to be placed.

What to Expect After Surgery

Some swelling and discomfort is to be expected during the first week after surgery. Swelling over the forehead and around the eyes might not be evident until a day or two after the procedure. The stitches from the back of the scalp are removed after one week.

Temporary numbness is present on the back of the scalp which gradually improves over the next few weeks. Patients are able to return to work within a week or two.

The patients are warned before surgery that the transplanted hair will fall out in a few weeks after the procedure. The new hair will then start re-growing in 4 to 6 weeks. It takes good six months for the patients to see the desired results.

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