Which Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment is Best (Part 1)

Which Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment is Best (Part 1)

Aging, childbearing, and hormonal changes from menopause or certain surgeries, can negatively affect female vaginal tissues in ways that substantial interfere with a woman’s quality of life. “Vaginal rejuvenation” refers to a wide variety of procedures that reshape, tighten, refresh or restore the condition of the vagina.

Doctors can help their patients choose from a variety of vaginal rejuvenation treatments – for cosmetic reasons as well as to improve painful intercourse, reduce vaginal laxity and dryness or stop bladder leaks (stress urinary incontinence). Vaginal rejuvenation procedures range from medication (hormone replacement), to exercise (Kegels), to topical ointments (lubricants), to non-invasive s (non-invasive), to surgery.

So, with so many options, which vaginal rejuvenation treatment is right for you? In this article, Birmingham, MI board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali explains the different vaginal rejuvenation options – and why he prefers radiofrequency Geneveve treatment for vaginal rejuvenation.

Kegel Exercises for Vaginal Rejuvenation

The muscles in the vagina and pelvic floor are like any other muscles – they atrophy (become weaker) over time, especially with reduced use. As the saying goes: “Use it or lose it.” Kegel exercises can indeed help strengthen the muscles within the pelvis and vagina – helping reduce bladder leaks and possible improving vaginal tone.

But Kegel exercises do not restore the collagen that gives the vagina its elasticity and plumpness. Similarly, Kegels do not treat the dryness, itching and painful intercourse caused by reduced lubrication.

Hormone Replacement for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Hormone therapy typically starts with estrogen being applied topically in the vagina, via a cream, a “ring” or a vaginally inserted tablet. If this method is not effective, the women is then typically prescribed hormone pills (oral Estrogen).

The application of vaginal hormones creams and pills is generally unpleasant and messy, and has to be repeated daily.

An even bigger problem with hormones replacement, is the fact that it has been shown to increase the risk of heart attack, breast cancer and strokes. Women at-risk for breast cancer, as well as women who are breast cancer survivors are especially advised to avoid hormone replacement therapy.

Vaginal Suppositories & Creams for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Some natural over-the-counter vaginal suppositories can also provide temporary relief of vaginal dryness and painful intercourse – however they do not reduce bladder leaks. These suppositories may include Vitamin e, Hyaluronic Acid, Boric Acid or certain botanical ingredients.

These suppositories, however, only provide temporary relief, are quite expensive ($25 to $75 per box), can be very messy, and need to be applied daily for continued relief.

Creams containing coconut oil or olive oil to moisturize the vulva area, or use of long-lasting silicone-based lubricants during intercourse can also temporarily make sex less painful. But they do not remedy the underlying problem, and can be very inconvenient and messy to use.

The good news is that doctors can now use new, state-of-the-art, radio frequency vaginal rejuvenation treatment to get rid of the need for dangerous hormones and messy creams – with just a single in-office procedure!

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Birmingham, MI Vaginal Rejuvenation Doctor

Doctor Ali has helped hundreds of women in the Detroit area stop bladder leaks & improve sexual intimacy with vaginal rejuvenation. In most cases, just a single 30 minute Geneveve vaginal rejuvenation treatment is all that is needed.

Geneveve is an affordable, painless, procedure performed in our Birmingham, MI (Detroit area) medical office. There is no downtime, and you will begin to notice vaginal improvement within just a few weeks.

Call Doctor Ali to schedule a discreet, confidential vaginal rejuvenation consultation. He will diagnose the undelyin g cause of your vaginal problems, and determine which vaginal rejuvenation is right for you!

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