Breast Reconstruction in Michigan

Well you know, being in the practice of plastic surgery, you make some very interesting observations. I do a lot of breast surgery in my practice and there is one thing I’ve never been able to understand. For some reason, some women after having their breast surgery are very willing to expose the results.

They are very willing to show their friends and people how good they look and so they show off their breasts after surgery.

It doesn’t matter what type of surgery it is, it could be a breast augmentation or it could be a breast reduction from a woman who is heavy-chested, or it could be even a breast lift or a breast reconstruction after cancer.

I’ve never quite figured this out, but I do remember this one patient of mine, she was probably in her mid sixties, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and after her reconstruction was complete, she was very excited with the surgical outcome.

As usual, I was pretty happy that she had done remarkably in her recovery. During my last visit with her, I was just chit-chatting before discharging her from my care, and her husband said, “You know Doctor, every thing went very well, but I don’t know what to do with her now. Last week I was kind of embarrassed.”

He was at the church and people were saying “Oh, it doesn’t look like you’ve had your breasts removed. You look great.” And she just pulled up her shirt and showed off her breasts. The patient just laughed, she said, “Doctor I just feel so good, I just want to share my experience with other people.”

But again I will never clearly understand why.

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