Breast Revision Surgery FAQs (Part 2)

Breast Revision Surgery FAQs (Part 2)

In Breast Revisions, will my Implants be Placed Over or Under the Muscle?

Breast surgeons generally agree that implants placed under the pectoralis major muscle is better, because it provides thicker coverage over the implants making ripples less likely – and because there is a lower capsular contracture rate under the muscle.

However, during breast implant surgery, the surgeon is dealing with the added concern of scar tissue, tissue damage and/or stretching from the first surgery. So in some cases the surgeon may find it best to insert the new implants in the already established “pocket”.  In other cases breast revision surgery may requires placing the implant in a different plane than the first surgery in order to achieve the best results.

For example, the old implants may have been placed over the muscle – while new ones need to be places under the muscle (or vice-versa) – to enable the surgeon to place the replacement implants in an area where there is less scar tissue and less tissue damage or stretching from the first surgery.

Will Health Insurance Pay for My Breast Revision Surgery?

The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998, protects woman who have undergone mastectomies. If a woman’s implants were put in after a mastectomy, and the doctor shows that removing the implants is now “medically necessary,” then the health insurance company must cover your breast implant revision surgery.

However, for breast implants not related to cancer, everybody’s insurance is different. In some cases health insurance companies will cover breast revision surgeries necessary because of capsular contracture, scarring problems and wound healing issues. Less commonly, but in some cases, insurance may cover surgery for uneven breasts or ruptured breast implants. (Note that breast implants also have certain limited warranties.)

If the reason for your revision surgery is simply cosmetic – because you changed your mind about size or shape – your health insurance will typically not cover your procedure.

Our caring office staff will work with you to verify any insurance coverage of your revision procedure. We also offer financing options for women’s whose procedure is not covered by insurance.

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What Happens during Breast Revision Surgery?

Since every woman’s needs are different, there is not one single approach or technique that is best for breast revision surgery. If there is capsular contracture, for example, the surgery will include removing the scar tissue around the original breast implants.

Breast reduction revision could also include a breast lift, if necessary to reshape and reposition the natural breast tissue. This is often the case when the original implants were too big, causing gravity to stretch the surrounding skin downward.

In some cases the surgeon may find it best to insert the new implants in the already established “pocket”.  In other cases breast revision surgery may require placing the implant in a different location than the first surgery (e.g. under the muscle rather than over it) in order to achieve the best results.

In most cases, the breast surgeons will make every effort to use the existing scars from the first surgery, in order to minimize any additional scarring.

What Can I Expect During Breast Revision Surgery Recovery?

The recovery from breast revision surgery will vary with type of revisions you required. In many cases the recovery will be much like your first surgery. However, if your first surgery was performed a long time ago, you should find that advancements in breast implant techniques has shortened the recovery time from what it was years ago.

The level of discomfort varies according to which procedures were done. But you will be given pain medication to manage the soreness after your procedure, just like before.  Most patients are well-enough to resume most regular activities after a week, as well as resume working after a week or two.

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