One of the main concerns of patients who are planning elective surgery is pain and recovery time. We have made great efforts to address this issue and have worked in collaboration with our anesthesiologist to make your recovery nearly pain free.

Our first step was to analyze the site that would cause pain after each procedure. We then planned injection of long-term local anesthetic into these areas. As expected, when local anesthetic solution was meticulously injected into specific areas at the end of surgery, a drastic reduction in pain was noticed. In some cases patients felt the procedure to be almost pain-free.

It is extremely gratifying to hear our patients tell us how pleasant their experience has been compared to a friend who may have gone to someone without such a dedicated pain management program.

In addition our anesthesiologists at Unasource Surgery Center use a minimal amount of narcotics during the procedure which helps the patient to wake up from anesthesia faster without being nauseated. For patients who have a history of feeling sick after anesthesia, we also prescribe a medication which keeps their stomach calm for three days after the procedure.

With a good team approach, our patients experience an extremely pleasant recovery. We go to great lengths to keep you comfortable.