Plastic Surgery On The Rise

Plastic surgery is on the rise, and has become as common place as cell phones. If you look around, you can probably tell if someone has had some work done, or you may know someone personally who has has plastic surgery already, or is thinking about it. With all the medical advances in decreased scarring, options in anesthesia, and the affordability, it’s very easy for the average person to look in the mirror and ask “why not?” But does this mean that patients are happy that they had plastic surgery?

Satisfaction On The Rise

According to Sify News a new Washington study in the February issue of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports that patients who have undergone facelift surgery rate themselves as looking an average of 12 years younger after surgery. With nearly 90 percent reporting a positive reaction from other people. More than 80 percent of patients reported improved self esteem and 70 percent reported an improved quality of life. That’s an amazingly high percentage when you compare that to people who opt for a less permanent form of improving their self esteem and quality of life.

Plastic surgery is not just for older people trying to recapture a little of their youth back either. It’s for anyone that feels they would look better by changing their nose, increasing their breast size, reshaping their eyes or using liposuction to remove fatty deposit from stubborn areas. Plastic surgery is making it possible for us to look the way we want, and not feel trapped into believing “this is just how it is,” and there is “nothing we can do about it.”

Liquid Facelift

But what if plastic surgery is a larger commitment than you are ready to make right now? Are there other means out there that can provide similar, less drastic results, but results all the same? Yes, especially in the advances of the face, and its natural aging process. Some people are opting for the liquid facelift and wondering why they waited so long.

Ask Around

If you are considering plastic surgery for yourself, the best way to find out about all the details of what to expect is to ask an actual patient who can share their experience with you. Sure, you can read reports and journals, and you should, but asking a patient what they experienced from beginning to end will be more in depth and realistic about your expectations, and will help you determine for yourself if that elective surgery is right for you.

No matter what you choose, there is a procedure that is right for you, just make sure you choose a reputable, board certified plastic surgeon who will make your experience a positive one. In the end , if you are still unsure if people are happy with choosing to have plastic surgery, look around, the fact that plastic surgery procedures are on the rise, is the best indicator that people are happier after surgery than before.

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