New Breast Implant Approved

Mentor Worldwide, maker of high quality implants for breast augmentation announced it has received FDA approval on a new implant. The MemoryShape is an anatomically-shaped cohesive silicone gel implant designed to be used in breast augmentation and breast reconstruction.

The silicone gel in the MemoryShape breast implant contains more cross-linking compared to the silicone gel used in Mentor’s previously approved implant. This increased cross-linking results in a silicone gel that is firmer.

Research shows that patient satisfaction with breast augmentation is 98 percent, and continued advancements such as this will only serve to maintain and improve this number. Women now have more choices than ever to achieve a natural result, and plastic surgeons have another safe alternative to offer.

As with all FDA approvals, Mentor is required to conduct a series of post-approval studies to assess long-term safety and effectiveness.

This approval makes the Mentor MemoryShape implant the fifth FDA-approved silicone gel-filled breast implant available in the United States.

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