Comparing Different Types of Hormone Therapy

Comparing Different Types of Hormone Therapy – 

In both women and men, hormones affect virtually every aspect of health and overall wellness. Everything from a person’s energy level, to their sex drive, and even weight gain are regulated by hormones. So when hormone production declines or is out of balance – due to age, illness, surgery or environment – a wide variety of health complications can occur.

At AMAE Plastic Surgery and Med Spa in Oakland County, Dr. Ali naturally and safely corrects these hormone imbalances with BioTe bioidentical hormone replacement pellets. These rice-sized pellets are placed beneath the skin only 2 or 3 times a year to naturally replace missing hormones and restore health, wellness and quality of life.

However, our patients are often curious or confused about the difference between bio-identical hormone replacement pellets and other types of more traditional hormone therapy. So, in this article, Oakland County board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali compares the different types and methods of hormone replacement therapy.

Synthetic vs Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

To begin with, lets look at the difference between synthetic hormones & bioidentical hormones.

Most types of conventional hormone replacement therapy use synthetic hormones – which are made in a laboratory. However, BioTE® bioidentical hormones are not synthetic – they are derived from plants, so that they are 100% natural and identical biologically to human hormones.

Something as complex as a hormone can never identically match the complexity of a natural human hormone if it is made in a lab – so it is not as effective, and can also have dangerous side effects. Read more about synthetic vs. bioidentical hormones HERE.

Next, less explore the differences in the delivery systems used in hormone replacement.

Injectable Hormone Therapy “Shots”

Hormone shots or injections require weekly or bi-weekly shots, making them far less convenient that pellets that only require insertion 2 or 3 times a year.

Not only are weekly shots painful, but this intermittent dosing leads to inconsistent levels – putting the patient on a hormonal roller coaster.

Additionally, some patients may have an allergic reaction to the oil suspension of the injections.

Oral Hormone Therapy Pills

Taking hormone pills requires you to visit the pharmacy every month, and to remember to take your pills every single day – instead of twice a year like pellets. And pills give you a sudden spike in hormones when you take the pill, that wears off over the rest of the day – unlike pellets which offer consistent 24/7 delivery.

Additionally, hormone pills can cause GI issues such as upset stomach and even ulceration in some patients. And, taking hormone pills every day for years can also be hard on the liver.

There is also evidence of increased risk of blood clots, as well as gallbladder effects with daily hormone pills.

Transdermal Patch Hormone Therapy

The disadvantages of transdermal hormone therapy are well known to anyone who has worn a hormone patch. To begin with, the patch is unsightly while pellets are invisible. And, patches are notorious for causing skin irritation.

Patches also can fall off with swimming, physical exertion or even showering. And, the hormone delivery is not consistent, as it is strongest with a new patch – that becomes weaker as the patch is worn.

Even worse, clinical studies show that up to 45% of people do not absorb hormones fully and effectively from patches.

Hormone Therapy Pellets

BioTe hormone pellets are “time-released” – so they continue to constantly and evenly release the bioidentical hormones over several months. This is the only hormone delivery method that consistently balances the hormones without “surges”.

Additionally, hormone pellets are “one and done” – lasting up to six months. this means no pills or shots to refill or remember to take, and no patches that fall off and need to be replaced.

For convenience, consistency, effectiveness and body compatibility hormone pellets are the superior delivery method.

Hormone Therapy – Oakland County

BioTe Hormone Replacement Pellets may be the fast, natural and effective solution to improving your health and energy, improving your sex life and getting your quality of life back!

If you live in the greater Oakland County area, contact Dr. Ali at AMAE today for a complete hormone workup and diagnosis – and see what hormone replacement pellets can do for you!

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