CoolSculpting on TV and In the News

CoolSculpting on TV and In the News

Because of its amazing fat loss technology – with NO surgery and NO downtime – CoolSculpting has been featured on almost every major network. And it’s no surprise it gets rave reviews from hosts, doctors and patients every time!

CoolSculpting uses a handheld applicator to apply cold temperatures to stubborn fat, that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise. It only takes one or two treatments – and fat is permanently eliminated!

In this article we look at some recent TV segments covering the amazing CoolSculpting technology –showing actual results from real patients.

CoolSculpting on E! News

43 year old model, actress, Miss Universe Contestant and mom of 3 Ali Landry was featured on E! News, where she raved that “CoolSculpting is a fat freezing procedure that gives you results in just 4 weeks!”

The E! News team followed up with Allie two months after her procedure. Ali gushed: “I see my waist again for the first time since I had children!”

CoolSculpting on E!

Kardashian mom Kris Jenner underwent CoolSculpting on live TV, with super model daughter Kendall watching the entire treatment. Kris looks fantastic for her age – it’s no secret she’s always on the cutting edge of new beauty treatments to keep her youthful looks.

As Kris explained to Kendall “everything changes after you turn 50” – and so she opted for CoolSculpting to get rid of her jiggly middle.

CoolSculpting on People’s List

People’s List (produced by People Magazine) recently broadcast a segment on CoolSculpting, reporting that Christina Aguilera, Khloe Kardashian and Molly Simms all owe their toned figures to CoolsSculpting.

People then footed the bill for a fit grandmother name Cheryl to get two rounds of CoolSculpting. While Cheryl was a runner in excellent health, she couldn’t get rid of her “pot belly” through diet or working out. After 8 weeks People showed the before and after of Cheryl’s belly and the results were astounding. Cheryl dropped two full dress sizes and lost several inches from her waist (see photo) with CoolSculpting!

CoolSculpting on The View and the Rachel Ray Show

On the popular and highly rated daytime talk show The View, CoolSculpting equipment was set up right on stage for a live demonstration of how the procedure works. On the Rachel Ray Show they also conducted a live treatment of CoolSculpting on stage – this time treating smaller areas of unwanted fat, such as a double chin and even the inner thighs.

Both programs featured highly respected doctors who raved that CoolSculpting is really ideal for those people who have stubborn ball just that just won’t go away.

CoolSculpting on The Doctors

Speaking of doctors, popular the popular CBS daytime medical show The Doctors documented a woman named Jeanine’s outer thigh CoolSculpting treatment reporting that “With one treatment you can minimize saddlebags!”

CoolSculpting has also been featured on many other reputable network news and talk shows, including: CBS This Morning, Live with Kelly, Good Morning America, The Today Show and even Nightline!

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