Healing After Your Breast Enlargement Surgery

Understanding the Breast Enlargement Healing Process

Breast enlargement surgery changes not only your body, but your self-confidence and the way you feel about yourself. So women are understandably excited and anxious to “try out” their new and improved breasts as soon as possible! Understanding what to expect during the breast enlargement healing process can help you set realistic expectations for your recovery.

Breast Appearance after Breast Enlargement Surgery

Top Oakland County Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ali has helped thousands of women achieve the look and feel they have always wanted with breast enlargement surgery. After your surgery he will supply you with detailed instructions regarding the recovery process.

In this article we discuss some common, general issues that arise during recovery after the breast enlargement process. Remember, each woman’s body is different – and you should always follow the specific post-operative information you receive from your surgeon.

Scarring after Breast Enlargement Surgery

Many women wonder about the small scars they see after their breast enlargement surgery. We are frequently asked how much scarring there will be and long the scarring will last.

A skilled and experienced surgeon like Dr. Ali strategically places the incisions, while making them as small as possible. For most women, the incisions from breast augmentation heal well and any scarring eventually fades considerably.

Keep in mind that any time a surgeon cuts through the full thickness of the skin there will necessary be scaring. And how your individual body scars is the result of heredity more than anything.

Typically, breast enlargement scars will be firm and pink for approximately six weeks. After which they should begin to fade, although they will never disappear completely. Generally it takes one to two years for a scar to completely heal.

There are several products that promote healing and improve the appearance of breast enlargement scars, such as Mederma®, BioDermis and Xeragel®.  Additionally, keep your incisions out of the sun for at least a year so that they do not darken due to increased pigmentation.

Swelling after Breast Enlargement Surgery

So your breasts may look larger than you expected after breast enlargement surgery because of swelling. Remember that swelling is a normal part of the healing process.

Any swelling typically peaks at 48 hours after surgery, then begins to rapidly decrease. By three weeks, 50% of the swelling is typically gone. And by 6 or 8 weeks after breast enlargement surgery, most of the swelling should have subsided. At six months, almost all the swelling is generally gone.

Dropping after Breast Enlargement Surgery

Your breast enhancement surgeon will typically explain that breast implants rest a bit higher for a short period after surgery, and then will eventually drop into a normal position. Do not be alarmed if this takes a few weeks. Until your breasts drop, your nipples may also be pointing downward, or in a less normal direction. This too will correct as the breast implants drop into place.

The time it takes your breast implants to drop will depend upon a number of variables such as, the implant size and type, what size you were before breast enlargement surgery, the implant surface type, your muscle tone and the implant placement.

Smooth breast implants will drop faster than textured implants. And implants placed underneath the chest muscle, will more drop slowly than implants placed over the muscle. If you went up several breast sizes, the drop may take longer due to the tightness of the skin.

Dr. Ali will discuss what you can do to help your breasts drop. This may include massaging, “pushing down,” or wearing a wide elastic band around the top of your chest. Always follow your breast enlargement surgeon’s instructions rather than trying things you may read about online.

Top Birmingham & West Bloomfield Breast Enlargement Surgeon

The best way to understand what to expect after breast enlargement surgery is to schedule a consultation with a top breast surgeon like Dr. Ali.  If you are considering breast enlargement surgery, he will be happy to offer you a  consultation to answer all of your questions. Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of women in Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield -and across Oakland County get the body they’ve always wanted.

Feel beautiful inside and out, with breast enlargement surgery. And remember, financing options are also available.