Breast Implant Surgery Procedures

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Breast Implant Surgery Questions


If you are considering breast implant surgery for breast enhancement, a good place to start is with our Breast Implant FAQs HERE. If you have already read the Breast Implant FAQs, this article will answer specific questions about the breast implant surgery itself.

How do I prepare for breast implant surgery?

Dr. Ali’s office will give you specific instructions leading up to your breast implant surgery. You may have to stop or start taking certain medications before surgery. You must stop taking anti-inflammatory medications (including Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aspirin and Aleve) seven days before surgery.

If you are a smoker, you must quit completely for six weeks before, and 6 weeks after, your breast implant surgery.

Dr. Ali’s office will give you instructions about what to do the night before breast implant surgery, including fasting. If you have any health issues or illnesses in the days leading up to your surgery, always notify Dr. Ali’s office immediately.

Will I be give anesthesia during breast implant surgery?

Breast implant surgery can be performed under two types of anesthesia. Typically general anesthesia is used – which puts you completely to sleep. In some cases “twilight anesthesia” may be used that keeps you relaxed and sleepy through an IV drip.

Dr. Ali will discuss your anesthesia options with you completely during your consultation.

Where are the incisions made during breast implant surgery?

As one of Oakland County’s top breast implant surgeons, Dr. Ali is masterful at keeping incisions as small and inconspicuous as possible. Depending upon your size and shape, and the size of the implant, the small incision may be made in the breast crease, around the nipple, or in the armpit.

Gel breast implants require a slightly longer incision than saline implants, since gel implants care “prefilled” and need more room for insertion. If you are also undergoing a breast lift at the time of the implants, there will be additional incisions related to the breast lift.

After examining your breasts, Dr. Ali will discuss the best incision options for your body and the implants you choose.

How long does breast implant surgery take?

Breast implant surgery can be done safely as an outpatient procedure. Generally, the breast implant surgery itself takes no longer than 2 hours to complete. If a breast lift is also being performed at the same time, an additional hour or hour and a half is required.

You will need some additional time to wake up from the anesthesia. But most patients are able to go home the same day.

What kind of dressings will I have after the breast implant surgery?

Typically you will be sent home with tape or adhesive strips directly on your incision, with gauze over the adhesive, and possibly an ace bandage for compression. You will receive instructions for your post-surgery care, and dates for your follow-up appointments from Dr. Ali’s office.

Only rarely in breast implant surgery is a “drain” tube used. However if a breast lift is performed at the same time, one drain in each breast may sometimes be required.

Generally you can remove the gauze dressings the day after surgery. But tape or adhesive strips that are directly on the incision, should NOT be removed. Only let the Dr. remove them, or let them fall off naturally. If any drains are used, they generally must stay in until the drainage is less than 25 ml per drain in a twenty four hour period.

Dr. Ali will will send you home with detailed instructions for your after-care. And our office will schedule follow up appointments for removal of the adhesives, as well as the drains if they are used.

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