Get Rid of Stubborn Back Fat with Liposuction

Liposuction for Stubborn Back Fat

The “Quarantine 15” has gotten a lot of press lately – referring to that stubborn fat that has been accumulating during the months of snacking and the decreased activity social distancing. And, unfortunately, many of us are now seeing pockets of fat creeping up on areas like the back, where we never had fat before. One common area of unwanted fat is on the back. These bulges around the bra on women, and fatty lumps on men, can be the result of the inactivity and altered eating habits of the pandemic.

The bad news is that dieting and exercise if often ineffective at reducing back fat. Fat loss experts universally agree that it is impossible to “spot reduce” with diet or exercise. And that is compounded by the fact that once you have fat cells in an area, they will never “go away” with diet or exercise. Fat cells can get bigger with weight gain and smaller with weight loss, but they are never eliminated.

But the good news is that liposuction can both “spot reduce” fat from the back (or almost anywhere else) – AND fat loss from liposuction is permanent!

Liposuction Permanently Removes Back Fat

If you want to to reduce fat that has accumulated in their upper or lower back, the back is actually one of the best areas for liposuction treatment. Some of the most dramatic results from liposuction can be seen when it is applied to the back.  Once back liposuction removes back rolls and bulges they will never come back. As a result, patients experience a more slender and contoured physique, clothes, bathing suits (and lingerie!) look better – and patients have a new sense of self-esteem and confidence.

Who Is a Candidate for Back Fat Liposuction

Back liposuction is an ideal treatment for stubborn pockets of back fat that do not respond to diet or exercise. Many women and men have a hereditary predisposition to developing back fat that is not their fault – and liposuction can be the “miracle” that finally gets rid of it once and for all.

During back liposuction, an experienced surgeon can use a more aggressive approach than they can on breasts or thighs – because there is less concern about excess skin and/or damage to sensitive surrounding tissue on the back. And, while back liposuction is not a weight loss method per se, patients can loose several ounces or even pounds of fat with lipo.  [Note: lipo is not safe or effective for people who are obese.]

How Back Liposuction is Performed

In performing back liposuction, a tube-like device called a cannula is gently inserted into the fat layer of the back. Macomb County area cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ali moves the cannula slowly back and forth to break up the fat cells, which are then sucked out through the cannula. Once the fat cells are gone, they are gone for good and fat cells can never return in that area!

Dr. Ali performs minimally invasive tumescent liposuction procedure, so only local anesthetic is used – and you are not knocked out. This leads to faster healing, less discomfort and better results than older, more invasive forms of liposuction.

Because back skin is thick and prone to drooping the middle and upper back are usually liposuctioned at the same time, as a unit. This enables Dr. Ali to achieve a smooth and proportionate appearance. Dr. Ali approaches the fatty tissue in the back from multiple angles, literally sculpting your body to achieve the most proportionate, smooth, consistent and natural-looking results possible.

Excess skin is typically not a problem after back liposuction. However, for patients who have had larger amounts of fat removed, Dr. Ali also offers amazing Profound Skin tightening. Profound is a groundbreaking new skin tightening procedure that utilizes radiofrequency energy combined with microneedling to contract the skin.

Back Liposuction Before & After

back liposuction macomb county area

Quarantine is a Great Time for Back Liposuction

Although Dr. Ali uses a minimally invasive liposuction technique for the fastest recovery, there is some downtime or recovery period after your back lipo procedure – as there is with any surgical procedure. And swelling can take 3 weeks or longer to subside.

If you are socially distancing and/or working from home, this can be the perfect opportunity to get liposuction, without having to return to the office the next day!

Macomb County area Back Fat Liposuction

Macomb County area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has years of experience performing liposuction. He considers all of the factors affecting your fat loss, including your skin’s elasticity, the proportions of your entire body, and your appearance goals to achieve results that are not only beautiful, but are 100% uniquely “you”.

There are many things to worry about during the pandemic. But “back fat” does not have to be one of them. Get the shape you’ve always wanted – and look and feel better in your clothes and out of them – with back liposuction. Financing options are also available.

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