Arm Lift Surgery FAQs (Part 1)

Arm Lift Surgery FAQs (Part 1) – 

Bat wings, bingo wings … whatever you call it, unsightly flab that hangs down from the arms are one of the most common aesthetic concerns among women and men in the Birmingham, MI area. Fortunately, arm lift surgery performed by renowned Birmingham, MI plastic surgeon Dr. Ali can make loose, flabby arm skin a thing of the past.

And according to statistics, the popularity of arm lift surgery is on the rise. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that, over the last 10 years, the number of arm lift surgeries performed in the U.S. has increased by a whopping 4,378%!

With new technologies and surgical techniques constantly improving, the entire arm lift surgery process is now easier than ever – for both surgeons and patients! Thanks to modern advancements, arm lift surgery patients are able to enjoy better results than ever, with significantly less downtime.

In this article Birmingham, MI board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali answers frequently asked questions about arm lift surgery.

Is brachioplasty the same as arm lift surgery?

Yes. The medical term for arm lift surgery is brachioplasty. The word brachioplasty comes from the words brachio (meaning arm) and plasty (meaning to reshape).

What is done in arm lift surgery?

During arm lift surgery, excess tissue from the upper arm (sometimes known as a “bat wing”) is surgically removed. Board certified Birmingham, MI area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali performs brachioplasty using either direct excision (wherein the excess tissue is removed by cutting) or through a combination of direct excision and liposuction.

Many of arm lift surgery patients achieve their desired results through direct excision alone. Depending on the needs of each individual patient, however, liposuction may also be necessary.

How is arm lift surgery different from liposuction?

Arm lift surgery is performed to remove damaged or loose skin from the upper arm, whereas liposuction is performed to remove excess fat. Liposuction and arm lift surgery  may be performed together or separately. Depending upon whether the patient has excess fat, excess loose arm skin, or both.

Is arm lift surgery painful?

At AMAE Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, MI, we strive to always provide the most painless experience. During arm lift surgery patients typically receive general anesthetic (are “put under”). And, while we remind our patients that all surgical body contouring procedures come with some degree of discomfort afterwards, the majority of our patients agree that the pain from the arm lift procedure during recovery is extremely tolerable. Arm lift surgery patients are prescribed prescription pain medicine for their recovery, and most patients no longer find their pain medication necessary once a few days have passed.

What type of anesthesia is used for arm lift surgery?

Most cases of arm lift surgery performed at our Birmingham, MI practice see the patient “put under” with general anesthesia. Depending on the needs of the patient, Dr. Ali may also administer an injection of local anesthetic to the surgical area once the patient is fully anesthetized.

Where is the incision made during arm lift surgery?

The size and location of your arm lift surgery incision will be determined by several factors. The amount of tissue being removed, as well as the tissue’s location on the arm will all inform where your arm lift surgery incision is made.

Most arm lift surgery incisions extend from the underarm to the elbow on the upper arm’s underside. In cases where the excess tissue is located exclusively on the upper arm, patients may qualify for a short-scar arm lift surgery, where the incision is made in the armpit area, in the shape of a crescent.

Does arm lift surgery leave scars?

Arm lift surgery – like any surgery – does result in some scarring at the surgical site. However, Dr. Ali’s decades of experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon have provided him with expert skill in concealing and minimizing incision scars. By making arm lift surgery incisions on the arm’s inner side, Dr. Ali is able keep arm lift surgery scars to an absolute minimum.

And, for patients who are good candidates for short-scar arm lift surgery, the incision is made in the shape of a crescent in the armpit area, where it is almost invisible.

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