Meet Our Birmingham Plastic Surgery Staff

Birmingham Plastic Surgery Staff

Injectable Specialist

Jeannie has been with our plastic surgery practice for 2 years, during which time she has been not only our nurse, but also our Botox and filler specialist. When she is not assisting Dr. Ali with patients, she is helping our clients enhance their facial features with injectables. Jeannie came to us with almost 40 years of nursing experience, 20 of which she gained working in various medical spas and plastic surgery offices. From her warm personality and affectionate demeanor to her expert hand in injectables, Jeannie is truly an amazing caregiver and team member.

Birmingham Plastic Surgery Staff

Medical Assistant
Massage Specialist

One of our newest team members, Nataliya was trained as a nurse and massage therapist in Ukraine. After immigrating to the United States, she continued her education in the medical field. Her skill set has allowed Nataliya to perform her duties assisting Dr. Ali and serving our patients’ massage needs. Nataliya is skilled in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Facial, Head and Reflexology massage. Her energetic personality and excellent work ethic translate to great patient care and management.

Birmingham Plastic Surgery Staff

Licensed Medical

Ramona is our practice’s skilled licensed medical aesthetician. She has many years of experience working in the aesthetic field, specializing in a variety of treatments ranging from laser treatments for face and body, clinical facials, microblading and beyond. She was licensed at the Michigan School of Beauty and has worked in the Birmingham area for several years. Ramona’s focus has always been on providing her clients with the most effective treatments, customizing them for her client’s individual needs.

Birmingham Plastic Surgery Staff

Office & Finance Manager

Julia is our behind the scenes person who keeps our plastic surgery practice running smoothly. Though she has only been with our practice a year, Julia has 11 years of office management experience with 8 of those years in finance management. Her extensive financial and managerial knowledge has translated to healthy relationships between our practice, our plastic surgery patients and vendors, allowing our practice to continue to grow. We are grateful to have her on our team!

Birmingham Plastic Surgery Staff


Debbie is the voice of our plastic surgery practice. She is the first person our patients interact with upon arriving to our office. She has a background in patient care, having worked for many years as a Certified Nursing Assistant. This experience has been invaluable in her transition form hands-on care to administrative patient care. Soft-spoken and warm-hearted, she advocates on behalf of our plastic surgery patients. Whatever needs our patients have, no matter how big or small, we can always rely on Debbie to follow through.

Birmingham Plastic Surgery Staff

Surgical Scheduler

Brenda came to our plastic surgery practice with 5 years of experience in the medical spa industry. She is familiar with the various aspects of a medical spa, doing everything from scheduling procedures and assisting on them, to dealing with insurance companies and managing the day-to-day activities of the spa. Her extensive experience has allowed her to meet our patient’s needs and seamlessly step into the role of surgical scheduler.