The Facelift Recovery Process

What is Facelift Recovery Like?

Like any type of surgery, a facelift requires recovery time. But knowing what to expect can help you prepare and make your facelift recovery faster, easier and more comfortable.

Facelift Recovery: Immediately After Surgery

It is normal to feel cold and/or nauseated upon waking up in the recovery room, after face lift surgery. Your face may also feel tight and tender as you awaken after the facelift surgery, as the anesthesia wears off.

If your facelift was performed as an outpatient procedure, you will be able to go home the same day. But you will need someone there to drive you home.

Facelift Recovery: Dressings, Drains and Pain

After some facelift procedures the plastic surgeons may apply a large, fluffy dressing to reduce swelling. If used, the dressing will typically be replaced with an elastic wrap within a day or two.

Again, depending on the extensiveness of the facelift procedure, a patient may also have one to three drainage tubes. These reduce swelling by removing any excess blood and fluids. These drainage tubes may be left in place for one to several days.

There may be mild to moderate discomfort in the hours and days following your facelift. Dr. Ali will prescribe painkillers that are very effective at relieving any discomfort. As long as you take your medication as directed, the pain is very manageable and will subside in the next week or two at most.

Dr. Ali will also typically prescribed antibiotics to prevent the risk of an infection after your facelift.

You must sleep with your head elevated for about two weeks following a facelift to help prevent swelling. You may sleep on two pillows, use a wedge-shaped foam pillow, or even sleep upright in a recliner.

Facelift Recovery: Resuming Activities

As a general rule, most patients are up and about pretty much “as normal” doing mild activities within a few days after a facelift. Generally you can wash your hair after two days.

However, because bruising and swelling are normal parts of the healing process, you won’t be able to see what your face will look like for a few weeks. The swelling may gradually increase over the first three days, but then the swelling will start to dissipate.

As a result of the bruising and swelling, be prepared to look worse before you look better! But be patient. Soon you will look younger and better than ever.

You will usually be advised to walk around three or four times a day after your facelift, in order to boost circulation as well as help prevent the development of blood clots in your legs.  Do not bend over, and do not lift heavy objects until your plastic surgeon tells you that you can!

Facelift Recovery: Things to Avoid

Patients are advised to avoid steam rooms, saunas, steam face masks or anything that causesote facial flushing. You must also avoid supplements containing niacin, niacinamide, or niacinamate.

Do not consume alcohol, aspirin or any other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen) until your plastic surgeon tells you that it is OK.

If your facelift was the kind that involved mouth incisions, your diet may also be restricted. Dr. Ali will advise you what you can eat, and when, if you have mouth incisions.

Facelift Recovery: Returning to Work

Most people can go back to work within two weeks of their facelift. This will depend on the extensiveness of your procedure as well as how strenuous your job is. Dr. Ali will help you determine when you should be able to go back to work.

Many people choose to cover the residual bruising with makeup when they are ready to go out in the world again.

Within one to four months after your facelift it should be completely healed, and the final results will be fully visible. So if you are getting a facelift for an occasion such as a wedding or reunion, make sure to schedule it at least 4 months or more in advance.

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