Facelift Surgery for Men

Facelift Surgery for Men

Facelift surgery is no longer just for women – with more than ten thousand men getting facelifts in the United States annually. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) issued a report stating that over a 5-year period beginning in 2010, face lifts for male patients increased by 44 percent.

Visible signs of facial aging caused by a loss of skin elasticity and muscle tone of the face and neck, are equally common among men and women. And, in fact, certain types of age-related facial issues – suck as “turkey neck” or “jowls” are even more prevalent among men than women.

Women’s vs. Men’s Facelifts

The techniques of facelift procedure are typically the same for both sexes – and will depend more upon what the patient’s problem areas are, more than their gender.

For women, loss of skin elasticity and muscle tone of the face and neck, can begin as early as age 35 – though it is more typical for lax facial skin to become problematic in the 40s. And while men’s skin generally ages about the same as women, they may not be bothered by a few lines or some laxity as early on as women are.

By age 50 to 60 skin drooping and laxness becomes more noticeable, and even the most expensive skin creams can prevent or correct the deepening skin folds, jowls and neck bands. This is often the age at which men decide to consider a facelift procedure.

Facelift Techniques for Men

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A “strong jaw” is associated with masculinity and male attractiveness. But loosening skin can causes jowls, or turkey neck, that makes a man look old and tired rather than young and virile.

The good news is that facelifts are intended to target the mid and lower face – making it the perfect solution for restoring a man’s jaw to its strong, youthful shape. A neck lift can be performed to tighten the loose skin in the neck, tighten the neck muscles, and better define the jawline. A facelift can also include tightening of the cheek and cheekbone area, if needed.

Years of stress and hard work can also result in a heavily furrowed sagging brow, crow’s feet, and loose skin and bags around the eyes.

A brow-lift can be an effective component of a total facial rejuvenation to make the eye area look young, rested and alive again!

Facelift Concerns of Men

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has performed facelifts on hundreds of men in the Birmingham, Michigan area. He understands that while the techniques may be the same as a woman’s facelift – certain issue are if unique importance to many men.

For starters, most male patients want to be sure that their facelift will look “natural” and will not look like they have had surgery. This is a valid concern – and one of the main reasons men should invest in finding a double board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali who has performed hundreds of facelifts on men.

Although surgeons with less training and less experience may offer cheaper surgery, they can leave you looking unnaturally stretched, uneven, or even with neurological or vision damage. Dr. Ali will leave you looking like a younger version of your self – and no one will even know you had surgery.

Many male facelift patients are also extremely concerned about how much time they need to take off work – and how long it will take for them to look “normal” after surgery. Dr. Ali will carefully explain the recovery process for each facelift technique that is available, so that together you can select the procedure(s) that fit your aesthetic goals and your work schedule.

Mini or endoscopic facelift procedures, for example, may be a better option for men with only moderate laxity and less time to spare from work. However, men who are retired – but who have more severe facial drooping – may opt for a full facelift even though it requires a longer recovery time.

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If you are considering a facelift Dr. Ali will offer you a discreet, no pressure consultation in his Birmingham surgical office to explain your options, answer all of your questions, and help you select the facelift procedure that is right for you.

He is a double board certified plastic surgeon, and the Birmingham Michigan area’s top facelift doctor. He has helped hundreds of men in Birmingham, the greater Detroit area, and Southeast Michigan look younger and more attractive with facelift surgery! And, financing options are also available.

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