Activity After Breast Enlargement Surgery

Work, Sex & Exercise After Breast Enlargement Surgery

Modern breast enlargement surgery techniques have reduced the recovery time in recent years. However, breast enhancement is still a surgical procedure that requires a healing period with some restriction on activities.

Top Oakland County Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ali has helped thousands of women achieve the look and feel they have always wanted with breast enlargement surgery. In this article we discuss typical restrictions during recovery after the breast enlargement process.

Keep in mind that these are general guidelines and typical recovery situations. Your situation may vary and you should always follow the exact instructions given to you by your breast enlargement surgeon, after your surgery.

Exercise & Activity after Breast Enlargement Surgery

The usual advice is to wait at least two weeks after breast enhancement surgery to start mild exercising. You may “feel fine” but internally your body will not be completely healed at this stage. Overdoing activity can seriously set back your recovery.

You should not lift any heavy objects, bend over, or take part in more vigorous activities for at least three weeks after breast enlargement surgery. Try to aware of what you are doing during common household tasks. Even lifting gallon jug of milk, or pulling open a heavy door, can cause strain.

You should be fully healed before you start jogging, doing aerobics, jumping rope, playing basketball, horseback riding, or engaging in other activities that subject your breasts to a lot of up-and-down movements.

Jumping can stretch your skin, ligaments, and connective tissue, causing sagging. When you do resume strenuous activity, always be sure to wear a good support bra.

Always talk to your surgeon about when you can resume exercising after breast enlargement surgery, as your individual instructions may vary.

Returning to Work after Breast Enlargement Surgery

How soon you can go back to work after breast enlargement surgery depends upon a number of factors including your job, your incision type, your implant placement, and how fast you heal.

Typically you should plan to take about five days off after your breast enlargement surgery to heal properly. If your job is physically demanding, you may need to take more time. Additionally, women who also have a breast lift at the time of the enlargement surgery will generally need more recovery time.

Dr. Ali will discuss your individual situation with you, and help you decide how much recovery time is best for you.

Sun & Tanning after Breast Enlargement Surgery

Exposure to harmful UV rays is not good for any part of your body – and is especially dangerous for your breasts after breast enlargement surgery. Sun exposure or tanning too early after your breast enlargement surgery increases the risk of “hyperpigmentation” in which patches of skin on the breast become darker than the surrounding skin.

Scars take about a full year to mature, so keep your incisions completely out of direct sunlight for at least twelve months after surgery.   Sunblock is typically not sufficient in the first year, and scars should be covered with some kind of tape if you are wearing clothing or bathing suits that expose them.

After a year, be continue to apply sunscreen containing zinc-oxide to your scars so that they do not darken due to increased pigmentation.

Sex after Breast Enlargement Surgery

You should not engage in any activities that can raise your heart rate or cause excessive movement in your breasts for a week or two after your breast enlargement surgery – and this includes sex. If you also had a breast lift, this recovery time may be longer.

Also, keep in mind that the antibiotics that you are taking after your breast enlargement surgery to prevent infection may interfere with your birth control pills.

Dr. Ali will discuss your individual situation with you, and help you decide how much recovery time is best for you.

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